[July 13, 2013] EVO-viewing party and FGC tournies (Tampa, FL)


FGC dEVOtion - For those that can’t make the trip to Vegas, here’s a chance to play some fighting games and watch the EVO stream!
Just follow the link below to pre-reg:

1pm - SoulCalibur V (360)
2pm - Persona 4 Arena (360)
3pm - Injustice (360)
4pm - Street Fighter AE (360)
5pm - Skullgirls or Playstation All-Stars (PS3)
*whichever game gets more votes
6pm - Ult Marvel vs Capcom 3 (360)

$5 door fee, $5 entry for each tourney. As always, spectators are FREE!
Payouts 60/30/10
Location: Peabody’s The Palms Lounge

There will be controllers available to borrow, but best to bring your own pad or stick.
Follow @STVGsteve for event updates and random musings…