July 17th SSF4 tournament at The End Game Center in Charlottesville VA

Saturday July 17th will be the 2nd of the monthly SSF4 tournaments at The End Game Center in Charlottesville VA. Look for these tournaments on the third Saturday of every month and be ready to come and throw down. Information about this month’s tournament:

Xbox 360(Please bring your own controller/arcade stick. If you do not have one, a standard Xbox 360 controller will be provided.)
Nintendo Wii(We have 2 Arcade sticks for TVC)

$5 Venue Fee
Warm-ups begin as soon as there are people to play against(Store opens at 10 AM)
ALL tournament entry fee’s are given back as prizes!

$5 SSFIV(See Below) STARTS AT 1 PM
$10 SSFIV Team Tournament(2 vs 2)(See below)
$5 TVC Single Elim(Default)
$5 MvC2 Single Elim(Jugg glitch allowed Winner must keep currently team comp and order)
$5 Blazblue(Default)
$5 HD Remix(Akuma banned.)

Side events will be run based on interest.


Singles prize breakdown 70/20/10
Team tournament prize breakdown 70/20/10


  1. 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games, Double Elimination, 99 Seconds, No Handicap
  2. Stages will be selected at random.
  3. Winners must keep the same character and can change ultra but must do so before opponent make their choice.

Tag team tournament will start exactly 15 min after SSFIV singles ends.
Same rules apply.

The End Game Center
722 West Rio Rd
Suite #8
Charlottesville VA 22901
PHONE: 434 973 2205

There are many fast food restaurants and delis very close to the venue. Also snacks and drinks will be on sale inside of the store.

The End Game Center is a friendly, community oriented gaming and hobby shop in Charlottesville Virginia. The End specializes in Magic the Gathering and Warhammer 40,000/Fantasy products and events. We also feature Xbox 360 gaming stations and are very excited about accommodating the SSF4 community at large.

Please call or email us at omegagamesllc@gmail.com with any questions, we are more than happy to provide any and all information we can.

I’ll be more prepared this time around. I can’t wait. The 17th won’t be here soon enough.

NGBC tourney!! Kreitz, I gonna get my practice up too son. Let’s get together tomorrow and practice then play Arkham?

I’ll be there most likely. Gonna try to get some guys I know from Richmond to come down as well.

Gonna be a sweet event…

I hope so, is the entire trio gonna be there? or will they have something better to do?

We should all be there!

Dang! I’m helping run a Smash tournament back in Chesapeake that day. I guess I’ll have to wait for the August tournament

Smash bros? We actually have had a lot of interest in that… maybe we will add it gotta talk with the store owners…

Is anyone gonna be at the store on saturday for some play?

We would be but we’re going to the beach for the week. I may be by tonight some maybe if I finish packing and whatnot…

I’ll see if i can make it, probably gonna get drunk though…

just checkin out the threat. sorry but why must you keep the same ultra as well if you win? doesnt that defeat the purpose of having 2 ultras if you’re stuck using 1? i havent seen any other tournament have this rule.

don’t know if im going to beable to make this one supposed to be going out of town on the 17th I have been wanting to try out tvc though

You can switch Ultras if you win as long as the oppt. picks first. its all the same as EVO rules now, just needs to be updated.

I’ll be coming out for sure. The last one was loads of fun and ran super smooth. I’m working on a new character to have ready for this one but I’m not sure it will be ready. Good 'ol fashioned Guile will probably be coming out for round 2.

Look forward to seeing everyone again.

Hoping to making it out again…If I don’t go broke in vegas lol. :pray:

It is hard not to spend money there.

SSFIV Rules have been updated to match Evo 2010 Rules.


On wednesday nights some of us will be there to play some. So come down around 7 p.m. to get some practice in. Should be 2 more wednesdays before the actual tournament.