[July 18/19. Saturday an Sunday] Gamerholic Gameathon in NYC


Where: Manhattan, NYC 40 Broad Street at the Bitcoin center next to the NYSE
When: July 19/20, 2014. 12 am to 11 pm both days
Marvel vs Capcom 3, Street fighter 4 on the PS3.

More games on site but these two are specifically. https://gamerholic.com/index.php has the rules in more under the tournament tab for payout. Basic King of the Hill style with winner receiving a set amount into their personal “pot” from the tournament pot and half of the loser’s pot. After a 7 win streak they win the whole tournament pot for the game. The tournament will proceed until the tournament pot has reached 0.

Venue Opens: 12 am to 11pm
Onsite Registration\Pre registration information: Must registered on the gamerholic website at https://gamerholic.com/index.php otherwise completely free.
Event Time: 11 hours both days.
$150 for MvC3 and $150 for Street Fighter 4 but it will be paid out in BITCOIN only as part of the promotion. The bitcoin can be sold quickly for cash.

Aiming to host these events most weekends each month so please come to visit!