July 20, 2013 Battle Opera Monthly #1 Pot Bonus for first place Tekken Tag Tournament II


Introducing a new monthly tournament series from UFGC! Each month we will be showcasing a random game along side the big four of UMVC3, AE2012, TTT2, and Injustice. First month will be WinJammers! and a pot bonus to Tekken Tag Tournament 2!

Stream: twitch.tv/Upstate_fgc
Venue: Cloud City Comics
Fee: $10 dollar venue fee
Entry: $10 each game

AE2012: singles Xbox360
Best of 3
Winners/Losers/Grandfinals will be best of 5

AE2012: teams $5 each person
SBO style whole tournament

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: singles Xbox360
Best of 5 whole tournament

Ulitmate vs Capcom 3: Teams : 5 each person
SBO style single elimination

Tekken Tag Tournament 2: $50 pot bonus to first PS3
Best of 5 whole tournament
Random stage selection

Injustice: Gods Among US PS3
Best of 3
Winners/losers/ and grandfinals best of 5

Winjammers: $5 entry Neo Geo emulator
best of 3
Winners/Losers/Grandfinals best of 5

This is a Bring Your Own Controller event, we are not responsible for you having controllers but will have some laying around for you to use.

Unless you are part of the event staff, stay away from the bracket stations


Cheating the system will result in you being DQ’d from the event and being asked to leave the venue
what i mean by cheating : Paying someone to take a loss so you can advance further into the tournament and if i find out i will personally DQ you .

Contact info:
phone: 315 642 4512
email: kshaun84@gmail.com
Twitter: @uf_Damus

Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment
Rochester, New York -- "That is a white ass menu..."

excited to see my people :slight_smile: