July 2010 SSF4 event hubs tier has Cammy ranked 6th

If you all haven’t seen it yet the Event Hubs tier listing (found here) has finally been updated today with the first match up tier ranking for SSF4. It’s apparently a translation from a Japanese SSF4 wiki and of course, as with all tier lists and match up charts, its subject to players opinions and potential changes in the future, but it does establish an initial basis of where most (at least Japanese) see the match ups and tiers as of right now.

The results have a few surprises here and there but perhaps one of the biggest ones is that Cammy is not only ranked 6th, but ranked ahead of Ryu and Rufus! (And Abel, and Sagat, and even Akuma)

That said, Cammy is listed as 4-6 against everyone in the top 7 (herself excluded) while Ryu and Rufus have a number of 5-5 or 6-4 match ups against the top contenders suggesting that Cammy is especially dominant against the mid or lower tiers, but struggles against most of the characters you’d expect to run into in the final 8 of a major tournament. On the plus side, she is listed as 6-4 against Rufus, Abel, and Akuma, who all seem to show up a lot late in tournaments as well.

Overall, tier listings and match ups charts are rarely 100% accurate and not worth losing sleep over, but they can be fun to debate over. I can’t speak for where other characters are listed in the rankings, but I have to say most of Cammy’s match ups (at a glance) appear to more or less accurately express how the match ups have felt to me, with the top five all being the characters I seem to struggle against the most in ranked matches.

What are your guys feelings, any match ups seem inaccurate? With so many players picking their characters based off these sorts of charts do you think Cammy’s high placement will lead to her becoming more popular, or do to her still not being in the top 5 do you think it won’t really effect anything? If you agree that the top 5 are indeed some of her worst match ups do you feel this chart will lead to the top 5 being player more often and thus making things harder on Cammy players?

This list is VERY interesting. I’ve always thought Honda should be ranked higher on Tier Lists, but truthfully, I don’t seem to have a whole lot of trouble with Hondas, mainly because I;ve devoted time in the training room to learning that matchup. Interesting that Cammy Gouken is 7-3, but the 7-3 Makoto seems accurate, as Makoto appears to have struggles in finding her niche.

I feel confident in the Ryu matchup (U1 thru ultras, good AA, keeps Ryu on the ground), so that might be accurate, since Cammy has fast normals. The Rufus Matchup looks suprising, but with the introduction of CQC, its also accurate. Same with Akuma (Gouki). CQC eliminate a shitload of okizeme/divekick pressure, and im sure once people started feeling threatened by the chokehold, she skyrocketed in the rankings. Sagat is probably ranked low, but personally I think he should be higher. its only because we don’t see many Sagats anymore that we just assume Sagat got weaker. Its really just that everyone got better, but I dont see him being that much lower.

Also thought Rose should be ranked higher because of her u2, and I disagree with Chun Li being ranked at the top. She still succumbs to even slight pressure when she doesnt have meter. However, Boxer, Dictator, and Guile for sure should remain in top tier.

This tier list is random as hell. Cammy losing 4-6 vs Ryu, Ken, Chun, Bison makes no sense. Balrog losing to Abel ? Lolwat? Seth beating Rufus 6-4? The tier list is made by people in Japan who either played the console characters for a few days or just straight random numbers for some of the matchups. Only tier list that is good so far is the Mago/Nemo one imo.

I understand now why I met so many Chuns yesterday. I think I’ll switch to Chun Li too. :karate:

Go and die Boxer and Guile.

This is the reason why I truly only take tier lists as a grain of salt now. The game’s balanced enough already, there are only a few matchups that really suck.

first of all: STOP IT! all you bastards stealing steins avatar so that there are now like 4 or 5 people in the cammy forums with it need to just stop lol.

on to the meat of this thing, i think they sell cammy short on a couple matchups to where her place is slightly lower than i think it should be. oh well though, top tier cammy is like my reward for picking her up last year while all the lists had her ranked bottom tier in vanilla (in reality she was never that low but that’s what people thought)

They should just place Cammy low in the tiers so people will ignore playing as her (the bandwagoners). but in all honesty, Cammy was always to me a character who had to work for their wins, unlike vanilla Sagat, flowchart shoto Ryu, Dive Kick crazy Rufus, and JabJabJab Balrog. Im proud to be an original Cammy user, regardless of who places her on the tier lists.

zomg everyone is stealing Stein’s avatar! I was so confused for a second.

Rather then studying and debating tier lists, we should be studying and debating matchups (no not like “ohhh Cammy is 4-6 against Ryu…QQ”, but rather how to play the matchup).

im still a strong believer that rufus is top 3. especially with is ultra 2. it doesnt give you any room to jump in, throw fireballs do stretchy arms or whatever. you basically just have to walk in and do what you can. zoning isnt an option anymore, and it works extremely well against many characters. u1 stil does a hefty amount of damage and j.hk into ex snake strike still hurts, regardless of the damage nurf.

the charts are a sum total of all the characters match-ups so if you disagree with where a character is you need to disagree with specific match-up rankings and inch their ranking up that way, and i think you would be hard pressed to find another 10 or more points in rufus’ matchups

Everything I see in that chart feels right, Also that chart was stolen from a Japanese site made by alot of Japanese players, hubs was fortunate to translate it.

I totally agree with the match-ups but whats gross is seperation.

chun to cammy (1 to 6) there is a 9 point difference, rog to cammy (5 to 6) is a 5 point difference (more than half the difference of 5 spots), that kinda sticks out to me where the break from A+/A to B+ SHOULD be but I don’t really mind.

All in all it looks the most accurate and I don’t think we’ll see to much a shift unless broke as shit comes out of nowhere.

i have a question tho … this chart says… cammy 6-4 vs rufus? like whooooaah? I wonder what i have not tried yet…

mercilessly strike him till he is out of meter and make him fear the dp. basically cammy’s get the fuck off me moves actually work on rufus (her dp and u2) while his gtfo move is much slower on start-up and only air resets cammy after 1 hit, then add in things like the fact that you can kinda safe jump rufus’ ultra 2 (there is a strike setup where he hits you once ouf of the air and then you are knocked down and miss the ultra, so you get a free punish if you can survive the one hit) and safe-meaty setup (if you time your cr.lk perfectly on his wake-up you can recover before ex messiah hits you, or you could use a safe cstrike into option select u2).

that’s not to say that rufus is free or anything, just saying our options work better on him than his do on us.

Chun Li is back at her rightful spot! Third Strike FTW!!!

But anyway Cammy right below Balrog . . . sounds about right to me. >_<

I’m glad people are putting Cammy higher on the list though.

Finally a Tier List that backs up my view about the greatest Sumo in the world!
Honda Top Tier, yeah baby, I knew it!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT your a life saver you just showed me ways around the things i fear about Rufus the most but I tried that Option select but the rufus used Ex Snake strike instead of massiah I was so pissed.

Also Im pissed I lose all the time to everyone above Cammy on the tier list the most and I just cant figure out how to beat them

Any more information on these safe jump setups?

I sort of agree with the tier list. I think Cammy rapes chun, rapes Deejay, and goes even with Ryu and Ken. I also think she loses to Dudley.