July 20th Reno GGXX tourney

Here are the results of our small 8 man tourney…

1st place:Chris “psychoballz” Campbell- Potemkin/Baiken
2nd place:Paul “A-Sakura” Kugler-Faust/Slayer
3rd place :JP “Ikari” Salcedo-Baiken/Sol
4th place:JC “Ronin” Gross-Testament
5th place:Robin “ROB_UNR” Mizuno-Eddie
5th place:Nick “Nyacono” Yacono-Dizzy
7th place:Yushiro-Dizzy
7th place:Nick Campbell-Ky

the tourney finished fast and yet again I lost to Chris’s Pot :(. Anyway, Paul took Chris to the losers with the score of 3-1 in the winners finals, and then Chris took me out 3-1 in teh losers finals, and then the grand finals, Chris took out Paul 4-1, 4-0. Good matches overall and thanks to Yush for putting up the Sol/Bridget figurines (sp?) :), bro that’s the ownage, too bad nothing for 3rd :(. oh well it’s all good though. I had fun, and also I wanna mention, GJ to JC’s testa taking out Rob’s Eddie :). Anyway, we won’t have a tourney next week since we’ll be going to SVGL for the 2nd Stage tourney. Til then, see yas :slight_smile:


;_; I <3 my bridget figurine. My favorite color one, too! (red/black)