July 22nd Hot Shots SSFIV AE tournament!


Sorry it took so long to start these up again but Its back on. any set ups are welcome, I’d like it to be XBOX 360 only to keep things running smooth. As of right now we only have 2 set ups (regular crt tv and my alienware set up).


Hot Shots Billiards
1721 Bell Street Sacramento, California 95825 - (916) 568-7765
Right across the street from the former Swift Dodge lot on Arden way. within walking distance of a jack in the box and carl’s jr’s which are next door and across the street from Hot shots. The venue also has food there, more of the bar type food and soda’s prices are reasonable and he also sells Beer if you are 21 and over. he has quite a few pool tables you can pay for by the hour if you want some down time between your matches. extra parking in the back (its fenced off because it used to be swift dodges inventory lot for there cars) ill update with a flyer and all that later.



July 22nd 2011
Check in starts at 5pm till 6:30 to give us time to create the brackets

Start time: 7:00 PM Sharp

-All characters allowed
-Double elimination format - 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches.
-Grand finals will be 2/3 rounds, 3/5 matches
-If a player loses a match in a set, they can change their character
-$10 entry fee - $8 to the pot, $2 to the venue
-70/20/10 payout
-right now we have 2 confirmed Xbox set ups and 1 possible xbox set up hopefully more.
-Bring your own xbox 360 stick or controller please.

you can have casuals and/or money matches if there are free set ups later on in the tournament. Please ask first to make sure we do not need that set up for the tournament. last time there was some confusion about that people were not sure if they could.

***any questions please feel free to PM me ***

have fun!




1 200yen
2 Kineda
3 disable
4 Fuller
5 tommy
5 hi im nasty
7 hwn makoto
7 gg



1 team shoto bros (ken/ryu)
2 team lunch box (rufus/rog)
3 team angry bird (rog/honda)
4 team eric choi (ryu/sagat)
5 team dae dae (ryu/cody)
5 Team We slept with your girlfriend (honda/rog)
7 team airmen (hawk/bison)
7 team rouge alliance (ken/abel)
9 team project S (rufus/sak)
9 team tamale (blanka/guile)
9 Team i dont give a shit (adon/rog)
9 Team ducks (ryu/rog)
13 Team hella high (ryu/ibuki)



16-man bracket
1 tinh
2 larry
3 dman
4 pj
5 rj
5 pete
7 nam
7 Brian
9 saka
9 tommy
9 ED
9 tyson
13 jake
13 jesse
13 mike f

6182010 RESULTS


1 larry
2 200yen
3 hoodaman
4 pieguy
5 Fuller
5 mikey rasphone
7 Eric choi
7 demonlos
9 tinh
9 vangeif
9 david
9 marttij9
13 diangalo
13 Julian
13 saka
13 Brian
17 Romeo

5212010 RESULTS


24 entrants

  1. Ryan ($84.00)
  2. Allen ($24.00)
  3. Hiro ($12.00)
  4. Tihn (free Hour of pool at Hot Shots)
  5. Romeo
  6. Sean
  7. Jason
  8. Anthony
  9. Austin
  10. Conner
  11. Brian
  12. David
  13. Best
  14. Nam
  15. Saka
  16. Peter
  17. Trikon
  18. Armani
  19. Joey
  20. D
  21. Niraj
  22. Edward
  23. Sterling
  24. Fuzion

071610 RESULTS


super street fighter iv
16-man bracket

1 Eric choi
2 pieguy
3 200yen
4 Romeo
5 mikey rasphone
5 Gonzo
7 nam
7 david
9 saka
9 jesse
9 **** < removed on request, he knows who he is haha
9 putter

I’ll be there

Sounds fun

Dope, Ill try, and I still have the files from the last one, so I will be able to seed winners of the last one if they show up.

I will see if I can try.

dope, thanks

good to see hot shots back ill try to make it and possibly bring an xbox/asus setup.

Dope thanks man, appreciate any help.

I might make my way to this with a friend or two. I have an Xbox setup. I might not be able to bring a monitor though. Will update tomorrow.

Just a heads up I might have to push it back a week. I have something I may not be able to get out of. sorry in advance if i cant.

I’ll be a new guy, but see you there!

So this is being moved to next friday right?

Yeah the 22nd ill pm another mod to change it they apparently refuse to. I’m at the venue right now.

I changed title date for you :D. Is this a weekly or monthly event?

thanks, its a monthly event

Wish I could go bt since its on a Friday I won’t be able …2hr drive fore me aswell

damn i have to work this day, hope it has a good turny this was 1 of my fav sac turnies

yo 6, good shit tonight at the droms tourney bro, i was the other ken, in the green :slight_smile:

Thx bro.lots of kens lol.blue ken is copywritten i dont like ppl who use my color lol

but thats been my ken color when ever i scrub out with ken :frowning: