[July 23, Vancouver] Marvel Throwdown @ Lancouver [Marvel, AE]

DATE: July 23,

Great Northen Way Campus
577 Great Northern Way, V5T 1E1
Vancouver, BC

Marvel 3 Singles and Teams (3v3)
SSFIV AE Singles

Possible side setups:

Marvel Singles will have a prize pot for sure. The rest will depend on turn out but we will have prizes from the many sponsors of Lancouver.

Registration opens at 12:00pm
1:00pm - 5:00pm: Marvel 3 Teams and AE Singles
5:30pm - 10:00pm: AE Teams and Marvel 3 Singles
***Registeration DOESN’T close when the first event starts. So as long as you show up and register before the a tournament, it’s all good!

**Top 3 from CrossXover Japan Relief AE and Marvel 3 Singles will be seeded here

(PS3 and xbox 360) Marvel 3 and SSFIV AE Teams and Singles
Double Elimination
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games Grand Finals

$25 Flat Fee (Day pass to Lancouver)
or $50 3-Day pass to Lancouver at the door.
or $40 3-Day pass to Lancouver pre-registered
*Pre-registering with Lancouver or CrossXover will give you two raffle tickets for a prize draw
**Please pre-register your teams in advance if possible, it just helps us and the event out a lot.
Email: CrossXoverVan@gmail.com

LowerMainLan (LML)

CrossXover’s first official local tournament! The focus here is Marvel 3, but don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about AE either. And maybe you’ll see ST there. Get hype because it’s MARHVEL BAYBEE!!!

Shout outs to our sponsors:

Canadian Joysticks

and of course the organizers at Lancouver 2011

Are 1st/2nd/3rd place prizes for the tournaments going to be cash or GCs?

we know for sure Marvel Singles will have a pot prize so that we can safely say cash. The rest will depend on our sponsors and turnout. Since this is only one section of Lancouver, the full details will be come periodic in updates. But as we said worse prize is a hefty gift card.

Mk9? Want to make it out just to support FGC but some Mk9 would be sweet. Global MK9 patch for 360 and PS3 by the 23rd is likely.

Good luck with this, please read my PM

is this a 1 day event?


ok im 50/50 on going

50/50? dang gotta get my option select right. lol. But would you mind saying why or why not you would go?

i leave for evo on the 25th so the timing would be very stick!

There might be another VSB AE tourney that Saturday since it is right before EVO and people will be wanting to practice without paying a $25 venue fee. That will affect attendance.

Theirs is set on the the 9th which collides with our charity tournament. Need to work things out

Oh, both tournies are still slated for the same day? I’m gonna have to withdraw my registration email until that gets worked out then. I thought I read somewhere that the tournies were on separate days.

it’s been resolved, VSB4 is moving to another date


I guess I’ll send another registration email then, lol

lol no worries I got you registered, your number is 7

I talked to Kenny (Air), he told me that the VSB is likely to be set after EVO.

I’ll most likely to come, but 4.5 hours around time frame for a game’s singes and teams? especially on PS3 as a lot of us own the 360, I don’t like the chances of running the tourney smoothly unless we are looking at around 10 set ups, or just pick on either marvel or sf like VSB did. I mean one game is really more than enough.

other than that the venue fee is just ridiculous.

Well the games will be run in tandem, and we do have 10 setups :P. We’ve seen some tournaments do that so we are willing to give it a shot. Though we have thought about it and may axe AE teams if it’s necessary though it really shouldn’t. We know about the PS3 issue but its what supplied so can’t really do anything about it and doesn’t help the 360s there are used for Halo and COD >_>. As for the price we have Lancouver convinced that the price is too high, and what’s in the works is a special deal just for the fighting game section, the standard $15 venue and then $5 tournament fee, they are crunching the numbers right now so if we have a large number of pre-regs it’ll be a done deal. If not the $25 gives you access to the rest of Lancouver for that day and all 4 tournaments.

what are Marvel 3 Teams and AE Teams format?

Is it like 2 guys in Marvel and 3 guys in AE? Also do you randomize the teams or you get to find your partners?


We’ll be doing 3v3 and we’ll pair up people without teams