[July 23, Vancouver] Marvel Throwdown @ Lancouver [Marvel, AE]

Dear friends,

Hello this is deadfrog I was wondering if Super Turbo??!?

Thanks your friend deadfrog

I want to know if there is a console port of ST that’s playable. We definitely will put it there

3DO version

actually let’s just play Karnov’s revenge

(continued from the previous event’s thread)

That would be way too cool if he brought his arcade board!

A good emulator would deffffinitely be the next best thing. I don’t know which is the very best because I always just use GGPO (FBA). I can look into it, though. Obviously this would require a PC. Durhorfho

If we need a console version, top choice is probably Dreamcast with the proper save file. It is quite accurate. Any differences are small and minor. I was actually visiting my hometown on the weekend, and I made a point of picking up my Dreamcast stuff just for this; I took so long to make this post because first I wanted to make sure everything still worked, hahaha.

Has anything already been arranged for monitors and/or TV’s?

For what it’s worth:

  • HDR in classic mode was built from the Dreamcast version, and supposedly it was tweaked a little further for even better accuracy. Of course, though, it’s visually all different.
  • The CCC2 version is not a preferred choice. Even though it employs the actual arcade ROM, it features 4 frames of input lag, occasional random slowdown, and some truly inexplicable sound glitches.
  • I think HSF2AE on SFAC is really good engine-wise but there are a whole slew of oddities to be aware of. Real ST (minus Akuma) has 1024 matchups, and HSF2AE can only “properly” do around 450 of them.

about arcade boards, I have a supergun (kinda like a console to play arcade boards on a tv) but I don’t currently have good sticks for it right now. What would basically be needed (assuming a ST board could be brought) is 2 simillar joysticks with no PCB’s to be temporarily wired to db25 connectors. Maybe canadian joysticks have a couple unfinished sticks? I have a couple cables that could be quickly wired to the sticks I’m sure.

well that and a CRT tv… anyway I know that’s a long shot, but just throwing it out there. as hard as this all is, it is worlds easier than lugging a arcade cabinet around :slight_smile:

do you have any Dreamcast sticks?

What can plug into the supergun stick wise.

supergun sticks are just sticks wired to a 25 pin plug, no PCB at all. tis why I say it’s kinda a long shot, I doubt anyone has 2 identical sticks with no pcb they would be willing to temporarily wire up just for ST.

though I do have a couple of ps1/2 to dreamcast converters.

thats good, I have one PS2 stick, we just need another

I donno who you are, but I respect you. I have me a neogeo cabinet and karnov’s revenge is high on the list of carts I am looking for :slight_smile:

I have a PS2 hrap2 with sanwa buttons. is your stick simillar CrossXoveR? I only ask as I imagine if they are too different people will have preferences.

I also have a PS2 hrap2 with sanwa buttons.
I also have a couple of ps1/2 to dreamcast converters.
I’ll meet your offer and see you a fist bump.

Just for absolute clarity,
as well as autistically high levels of completion and thoroughness and detail in our coordination and planning…

Here is what I have and can bring:

  • the Dreamcast console
  • the power cord
  • the normal video&audio output cord (RCA red-white-yellow)
  • a mem card with the required save file on it
  • the two PS-to-DC controller converters (lagless)
  • one full-Sanwa HRAP2 stick
  • a miracle disc, sent unto us from on high, that contains not only ST but like four other games on it as well
  • napkins because this game is so dirtyyy

Here are things I could bring but I’m hoping we can do better:
~ other less-nice PS2 sticks if required
~ a big ol’ SDTV that weighs like 60 pounds

Here is what it would be cool if other people could bring:

  • another full-Sanwa HRAP2 stick (why’d you have to go and make things so complexzated)
  • maybe a different TV? well i dunno, i can bring mine, but @$*#&% it’s heavy, but it wooould be a nice one to use

This is all assuming we’re not going to just use emulator or actual arcade.

I Google Street View’ed the venue. This is like some abandoned warehouse shit!!! Are they going to provide tables and chairs??

lolololololol, I dunno man it’s a campus, but yes the will provide the tables and chairs… hold off on the CRT I’ll ask if they’ll have one. My stick is the Hori Tekken 5 anniversary one, it’s a cheaper made HRAP2 but it works.

poop I might not be able to make it anyway, tourney is like right before I will have any moneys. If someone I know is going though I might be okay letting them bring my HRAP2 to support ST :slight_smile:

yo Deadfrog, they won’t have CRTs but they’ll have plenty of HDTVs, It won’t look pretty but we could set the aspect ratio to 4:3

if you must play on HDTV’s I would say forget the whole dreamcast thing and go with HD remix in classic mode, it’s fugly and possibly not quite arcade perfect… but composite video from a dreamcast + HDTV = huge lag 99% of the time.

or emulator if there is going to be PC’s there.

Count me for this tournament if there’s ST. Whichever setup has the least amount of lag is ideal if you ask me. (Arcade, 0 frames, obviously the best) Personally I believe that HDR is very arcade imperfect due to some harsh delay. Any Japanese-developed version of super turbo is good, from what I’ve seen. The american developed versions (CCC3 and HDR) both have delay issues. I think that Anniversary edition would also be acceptable.

I can bring my TV then. It most certainly is a CRT, screen size 27". The picture quality is somewhat poor… which makes ST look really good! It’s like built-in anti-aliasing. I think all TV’s from Canadian Tire have this same feature.

Assuming that we can’t get an arcade or emulator setup: is everyone fine with Dreamcast, then?

I have no idea how many people would/will want to play. Up until now I figured it just would be a sun-up-to-sun-down casuals station. If there are actually enough people interested, shall we run a proper side tourney?

A Finnie! Yesss you should come!! And bring your brother, dude!!! (this is eric we met at espot)

If there is enough like 8+ then we’ll run a side tourney. And I’ll save a spot for you guys :D. It’ll happen at 1:00pm if it does so make sure to setup before then!

Is the tournament fee+venue fee $25? Or is it just the venue fee?

It’s a flat fee which gets you a day pass to LANcouver