July 24th Grand Master Monthly - SSF4, SC4, T6, MBAA, and SSF4NC

This is a great warm up for ECT2 players.

Ect2 seeding so bring your A game.



where’s the love? more hype people!

let’s go tri-state area damn.

i have to add KL to the list.

ok. im free on the 15th. i can definitely show up to commentate/compete.

About time. Lol

Attention Big E.

I have changed my event from 5/15 to 5/14 at 8 PM as to not overlap your event. Hopefully this will at least give some Philly people a chance to come down to my event and also yours on Sat.

Good luck with your event. I am thinking of coming down if I happen to stay in South Jersey on Friday.

Thanks buddy your the BEST.

deluxe comes to philly? SWEET!

I don’t think I will have the money to Enter this month’s Tourey but I will prolly enter next months tourey but do you have to pay to come watch? (When I enter it will be my first Tourey, I’ll be entering for SSF4)

Sure you can come watch.

Players lets go we can get more than 40 players.

DE, NJ, NYC, lets go come on down.

Do I have to pay the Venue Fee tho?

Yes if you plan to play on the free set $3.00.

Got some nj flavor coming now.

hey eric. me and joe will be coming with some beefed up low tier action :nunchuck:

Nj love thanks Dave.

damian - ssf4

bison Deals with the new characters

Is your buddy coming this time.

idk why this tournament doesn’t have teams!!!

Okay guys who wants to do team’s first.

12pm start time. If it happens.

12pm? damn… you don’t even show til about 1 or 2 usually. Ô_o