[July 27th] Wings on Deck - Rochester Tournament @ Buffalo Wild Wings


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Buffalo Wild Wings
780 Jefferson Road
Rochester, NY 14618

Games & entry fees:
To enter into the tournament requires a one-time tournament fee of $5 dollars for all partcipants. Spectators are free.

Super Street Fighter IV AE2012 - $5
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - $5
Injustice : Gods Amoung Us - $5

The pot will be split 70%/20%/10% for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively.

11:30 AM to 1 PM- Tournament Sign-up Begins
1 PM Tournament Begins.

The three games will be played out simultaneously. Some games might have more setups than others, but this will all depends on the number of people registered in that particular tournament.


  • Double elimination
  • Before a match starts, double blind character picking is an option. Must be facilitated by tournament organizer or bracket runner.
  • SSF4AE: + 2/3 rounds for regular matches. Winners/Losers/Grand Finals will be 3/5 rounds.
    + Losers can change character and stage. Winners must keep character and ultra.
  • UMVC3: + 3/5 games (including grand finals).
    + The winner of a game may NOT change assist types, characters, or order.
    + “Auto super jump” disabled. No “simple mode”.
  • Injustice: + 2/3 rounds for regular matches. Winners/Losers/Grand Finals will be 3/5 rounds.
    + Loser can change character and stage. Winners must keep character.

This event is a bring your own controller event. The event will run on Xbox 360 and PS3. We will do our best to accommodate what system you play on. If you do not bring a controller, it is your responisbility to convince someone to let you borrow one. No controllers will be provided to participants.

If you have any questions, please ask. hope to see you there.

Facebook link: coming soon.

This is literally the only negative thing I will say for the entirety of the time before this event.

70/20/10 is homo. 60/30/10 is better.

other than that, yo hype.
The hype machine will now begin.

Any chance of making Injustice 3/5 instead of 2/3? Rounds in Injustice go by faster than Marvel. With the way the life bars are set up it feels more like a game that should go 3/5 over 2/3. It sounds like Video X Game is changing Injustice to this format.

Thanks for the suggestion. But with 3 games it will alrdy be alittle tight. To be honest, I think i want to see someone else run it 3/5 before I choose to do it myself.

Myself and 3 other guys are coming from Syracuse. We should be there at about 12:30

What up. Nice meeting you guys and playing with ya, hopefully more to come, had a good time. - Axe88 (Chad)

Hey guys, this is Suresh. I was the Rose player that started showing up at the Pandaman tourneys a couple of months ago. Thanks to Chaz for giving me a lift I was able to make it to Wings on Deck. I had a great time today, and some really good matches. I’ll continue coming whenever I have time.

If anyone wants to play some games online, my nick on PSN is Gamma_Charge. I’m GammaCharge1977 on XBL, but I rarely log onto XBL anymore.

Thanks everyone for coming and congrats to Dan on a successful event! :smiley:

Thank you guys for coming.

Many thanks and appreciation to any and all people who came to Wings on Deck. I hope you guys had a good time. It was a pleasure to organize this event.

I had alot of fun at the event. glad you guys hosted it. Can’t wait for more!

Any idea on when more of these Injustice Tournaments will be taking place in the Rochester, NY area? I play online all the time, and would like to gauge my local skill level. Doesn’t have to be at BWW, but in the Rochester, NY area is cool with me.

Might be one at the end of the month at the next monthly called pandamonium. They’ll likely be a thread for it here soon. And u can always check out

Therocfightclub.wordpress.com for info