July 28, 29, 30 TGP Summer Game Fest 2

(taken from http://smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=73994)


214 Wyoming ave
Scranton PA 18509

This event is gaming at its best. 3 days of insane tournaments, tons of friendlys and unforgetable times. The store will be open from Noon on Friday July 28th till Midngiht Sunday July 30th. There is no entrance cost for the event if you are coming for a tournament, just the tournament cost. The cost to stay over one night at the store will be $15, or to stay for the entire event will be $25.

Friday Events 28th

Counterstrike Source
More to come

Sat Events 29th

10:00 to 11:30 Registration
NooN- SSBM Doubles MLG Rules $10/team
3:00- SSBM Singles MLG Rules $10/person
7:00- SSBM Low Tier $5/person
9:00- SSBM Crews $25/crew
9:00- SSB 64 Singles $5/person

The SSB 64 and Crews tournaments will run concurrently on different tvs.

Sun Events 30th

SF3 3rd strike
Guilty Gear XX Slash
Naruto GNT 4
Tekken 5
Cs 1.6

(Non Smash events are subject to day change we are still early in the planning process)

Prize breakdown (%20 of the pot goes to the store)

1st-%60 of Prize pool
2nd-%30 of Prize pool
3rd-%10 of Prize pool

I’ve been asked to handle the non-SSBM fighting game aspect of this. So, the question is who’s interested and what would you want to see?

UMK3. It’s coming back.

Will there be any area for BYO(stuff) casuals?

there will be extra stations for casuals.

I’ll ask the owner of the place if there’ll be room for extra equipment.


I know for a fact that people from here are planning on going to this, heh.

m1x4h has suggested side tournies for other games. I really like that idea, and will try to run that past Nick (the owner of TGP).


nick already told me about marvel… i’m prolly going to play that… maybe 3s and slash… maybe

i might bring other games if people wanna play…

so as of now…

Nick’s little brother

That’s who’s coming from my part…

I think flare from SRK is coming too… no word on anything yet… hope to have a good time… four days

yes me and flare plan on going. but we only play 3s so i dont think that would be much help to you guys

EDIT: if i feel up to it i might enter GGX and T5 but i doubt T5, and we can only go sunday so please dont change 3s date :wonder: BTW im really good at Metroid Prime Hunters so if anyone wants to play me feel free to bring your DS sunday to see what the game is all about

hotttttttt… more ppl = better

i might run up in slash… depending on how much money i’m taking from them in MvC2 determines how mcuh i’m willing to lose in slash… haha

if you could, could you possible get metorid priem hunters up there? because its a good game and if we can get enough people to play it would become the new FPS its very good but thats just my oppoion do what ever you please


thanks man for that hopfully my request will be fufilled

sorry for double post doesnt look like we will beable to go sorry

the tournie never happened. met some cool people though… everybody was wasted after saturday’s smash events, nobody showed for 3S / MVC2 / GGXX on Sunday