(July 28th) Salisbury FGC Club @ Salisbury Maryland (AE, UMVC3, and more.)

We are a relatively new community, we have a good following of low to medium skilled players, with a select few of us who go to tournament in Philly and occasionally Xanadu.
I felt it was time to start a public club to develop the community and thus far it has blown up in my face (in a good way) so this is our first official tournament event!
If you come to our store, you will find players who play these games at least a little bit. Most popular include 3rd strike, CVS2, and Smash, but mostly 3rd Strike.
I will be running a stream for the event, it will be my first one. With the support of Phoenix Rising Games and Comics of Salisbury, MD I have been able to make this happen.

We always run casuals Sundays 4-9pm, unless otherwise specified on the facebook group, please contact me via email @ Davezmaan@gmail.com to get added to the group.

For the tournament…
It’ll be $10 venue, $10 tournament entree per game
The pot will be split 60/30/10 for top three per tournament

Side games will be discussed during registration, 3rd strike will probably be played, smash also.
Setups are dependent on the players, we usually have up to 8 setups on our casual days, if you wish to bring one and it IS used in the tournament, it’ll be $5 off the venue fee given an agreement is made prior to payment with me personally on the date of the tournament. (I would say sooner if I knew who was bringing what sooner.)
The store opens up at 10am iirc, and I’ll probably be setting up early that day so feel free to show up at noon or later, I can respond to emails nearly as fast as a text message to keep that in mind.

We are about 30 minutes from Ocean City and the beach, so if you think the weather will be good, stay for the beach and come for the tournament.

Here is a picture of the venue and our club.

Is this in July or August?

July! (oops)

When we run this, the stream will be on

What is the address of the venue?

Phoenix Rising Games and Comics at the Twilley Center in Salisbury Maryland
327 Civic Ave, Salisbury, MD 21804

Just wanted to give a reminder, we will be setting up a little early, we will try to have about 4 tournament setups, two will be marvel, two will be AE. We have more AE than Marvel in skill level I think, so we will stream AE at the time. I’ll be taking registration at 4-5, and we will have 4 hours (until 9pm) to finish, with extra time if needed. 4pm to 9pm are our normal hours, though I think we will probably need more time. This is our first monthly, and we will adjust according to numbers. I’ll be running the brackets, and participating while I have volunteers who cannot afford the venue fee on the stream talking up the matches.

we are LIVE