July 29nd NY Tournament at ParallaxLan - Second Time Around


Click the Link and check out the flyer

After a good turnout at the last tournament I expect more this time around. We are getting bigger and bigger as we continue to meet offline and really get to know one another. Check out the rules to really

The rules are as follows:

  • Double Elimination
  • Normal Life
  • 3 out of 5 Rounds
  • Random Stage Select
  • No Wireless Remotes
  • Dangerzones are allowed

First to 2 for Prelims
First to 3 for Semi’s including Winners and Losers
Finals First to 5 for Grand Finals

Bring your own pad/stick make sure you have it marked or you are keeping close watch of your own pad/stick you are responsible for your own pad/stick.

*Important Attendence Rule:

If you show up late to the tournament ( a 10 min grace period will be given but after that you are officially late from the tournament ) People will start in the Losers Brackets. *

Registration starts at 12 Noon
The tourney starts at 1:00 PM**

$15.00 to enter.

The prize pool will be equal to half of all the entry fees and is divided as follows

80% goes to first
20% goes to second

See you there!

Here is the Store info :

Parallax LAN Center is conveniently located at 224 Jericho Tpke, Mineola NY. We’re 2 stores down from Friendly’s and across the street from 7-11 and Jericho Terrace.

By Train you take the LIRR to Mineola and it is 7 blocks north of the train station.

Any other questions email me AlexStrife@aol.com or Info@parallaxlan.com

Check out their website at Parallaxlan.com for details and directions.

You failed to mention anywhere in your post that this is a DOA4 only tournament. :rolleyes:

My mistake I will change it if i can

How far is it from NJ?


hmmm same as it is from manhattan depending on wher ur coming from…usually 1- 1.5 hours

gotta quick question…im coming from New london CT…im tryin to meet up wit fighter players in about 100m radius of me…anyways how do i get there???

hmm from CT u probably have to take either the metro north or probably the LIRR …thats by train…i will mapquest it for you in case you need it

doa4 is TEH GHEY !! :mad:

yeah i probably will need it…just tryin to show these scrubs my skills in 3rd strike usin ibiki