July 29th - Planet Zero presents Southwest Regionals Again!

Texas Regional
sponsored by SGP Racing, Gamestop, Smoothie King, Edwards Cinemas, and Planet Zero Anime Center

Saturday July 29th, 2006

Planet Zero Anime Center
12303-J Westheimer
Houston, TX 77077

Games Played:


Soul Calibur 3
Tekken DR(Teams?)

Marvel vs Capcom 2(Teams)
Capcom vs SNK 2

Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike(Teams)
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune

King of Fighters XI
Guilty Gear XX Slash(Teams)

Double Elimination
Best 2 out of 3 games
Grand Finals will be best 3 out of 5 games

Teams will consist of teams of 3 players
Double Elimination
Single Game
The format is knock off style(Winner stays on til all members of one team loses)
Teams must have different characters(teams for MvC2)

Wangan Midnight:
Players may and are encouraged to use their own cards
Double Elimination
Best 2 out of 3 races on course 1 and/or 2
Handicap option available only if difference in HP >= 200 between the two challengers

Registration Fee:
$10(One time fee)

Entry Fee:
$10 or free with a $20 Planet Zero card purchase* PER GAME(per person for team events)

Like regionals in the past you can simply pay $10 per tournament.


You have the option to put $20 charge on a PZ card that can be used towards casual play or for future visits to Planet Zero. If you do not own a card, you may purchase $1.

1st 65% + TS6 Poster
2nd 25%
3rd 10%

Additional $50 Gamestop cards and Smoothie King GC’s will be given out based on the tournaments that have the highest attendance.*

No SC? Oh well. I have to make this one.

Last man standing which is in austin is being hosted same weekend, and there have DR and SC, so thats why were not having it here.

Oh ok. I can’t make it to both of them so I’ll just go to Houston.

teams, eh… i need to make some friends :sad:

how is 65/25/10% treated? is each entry 10 dollars in the pot, regardless of whether they pay $10 or $20 on their card?

Yes, each entry is $10 in the pot. The $20 on your card is a bonus for the player since he basically enters for free since he can use the entire $20 for casuals or Para Para Paradise.

no tekken? what gives?

team tekken would be hawt


put 3s on a cabinet WITH sound plz. Last time all i heard was rumble fish(i think that’s what game it was), and ggxxslash.

Anyway…In regardless :slight_smile:

i’m in…

This is going to be pretty interesting

Planet Zero doing it pretty big now, good shit.

Teams? Man, none one is gonna want me in there team. I suck :wasted:

Still, if I somehow get some housing again I’d hit up Houston for this event.

The machine had sound for most of the tournament, but at the beginning it was fucked up and there was no sound whatsoever. Obviously nobody can play without sound (you need it to hit confirm) so please double-check this before you start the tournament next time. Also, there is no reason for the game next to it to be any louder if it is not a tournament game.

Also, I do not see any purpose in a team tournament that allows same character since that is not standard team format, so I will be sitting this one out unless that changes.

Have fun for those of you who decide to go!

Co-sign. Allowing multiple characters takes any sort of strategy out of the team tournament element, might as well make it singles.

Edit: I’m refering to 3S only

Yea i also have to side with them teams with same chrts for 3s is missed up

Team info updated

I was curious about some things Ranma.

  1. Why not singles tourny as well? (at least for 3S. I want another Ranbat!)
  2. Rumor has it that you guys have Project Justice there.
  3. Why not a Tekken team tourny?

Jive Out!

  1. Our normal process would be to have a 3S singles tournament, we wanted to shake things up a little with a team tournament instead. When you hold 3rd Strike tournaments on a regular basis for roughly 6 years you get tired of it. We might do the same thing we did last Regional with Ranbats the next day.

  2. We have a Project Justice board, unfortunately I’m not sure if we’ll have enough cabinets to spare to put it in.

  3. Last Man Standing in Austin is holding a Tekken/Soul Calibur 3 tournament, so we don’t wanna step on any toes with the 3-D games.

CvS2 2/3? Make it happen. Unfair for out of towners ex. jive i know it sucked for you. Iunno if i can do this but edit my post if i can’t ranma. Winner of cvs2 egt’s free computer system build. You win cvs2 you purchase all computer parts and i’ll put it all together or if your pc if messed up i’ll fix da shiznit up. david i’m sure your laptop will be owned by that time so if you win i’ll fix it up 4 ya.

do we have to use the same characters throughout the tournament?

Ashley - Depends on how many sign up, same old drill. I can say you can have 2/3 winners, single game losers. But if you end up pulling over 30 we’ll have to see how it goes.

Hung - What game and tournament are you talking about?