JULY 29th south field planet x: Explosion monthly

PHONE# 248-905-5488

[*] means update

*RanBat Style point system

If you can bring eqiupment then plz do so.



AA-A3 (DeJuan)

Hopefully everyone bringing equipment will show. Can’t really efford them not to.

Once again if you can bring anything plz do so.

Tourneys I would like to throw:
CvS2 Console
3s PS2
GGXX:slash PS2
MvC2 Arcade
T5:DR Arcade

*Update: Tourneys by vote: HF or ST. Let me know if anybody is down for these.

Registration fee:$5 Door Fee $5



1st 80%
2nd 20%

I’m also thinking of maybe drawing up a poster to give to 1st of each game. I would do 1st, and 2nd but that’s a lot of drawing and honestly I don’t know if I’ll have it done by the tourney. Just a little something to give extra.

Tourney sign ups will start at 2:00pm, Games start at 3:00pm

CvS2( if there’s 8 ppl will start CvS2 first since it always takes the longest wheater theres 8 or more players)
MvC2 ( same reason aa the above, but once again I don’t know if that many ppl will enter but it’s a long game)

GGXX slash


Double Elimination
Best 2 out of 3 games
Grand Finals will be best 3 out of 5 games

There’ll be losers bracket also so don’t panic if ya get knocked out of winners.

Plz show up for your games fellas.

Also if hollow and rodney show I was thinking that we can of course tape the footage to post it on the net, and it would give MI and place in the figthing game community and also look good on MI gamers part.

Dust Loop.com thread:http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?p=63247#post63247

I might go, though I say 10 dollars not 5, and have the “new” alpha game!

Nobody cares if you go, or what you think:arazz:

lol I take it that you indeed want that alpha game to be in it then eh?

*** Updates added****

Ok talk to a couple of the Dust loop.com ppl they also want $10 entry fee, but I like posted there. Are you guys clear that there’s a $5 reg fee. I understand that this is a lot of money, but if ppl want it then I’ll dbl check w/OBOT. The A3 game has been added no Hyper Alpha though. Let me how you feel cause we want a good turn out.

Also do you guys want GGXX:slash to be DBL ELIM or Japanese style 3 round matches?

Updated 1st post

About RanBats

I’ve just been informed that RanBats work better bi-weekly. Well since Obot wants to set up thursday gaming at Planet X I figure after the 29th tourney (the 29th tourney being the 1st ranbat) we can have RanBat tournies free in the selected games. Since cats will be out there anyway gaming, or if you guys want to maybe do it on $5 fri since it might be more convient that could work also.

RanBat is a point based system that is free of entry into the tourneys and broken down into usally from what I’ve seen 12 series. The person w/the most points at the end of the series is determined the winner, and walks away w/a prize.

How do you get points? You get points by how well you rank in the tourney only 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will get ranking points. 1st get’s 5, 2nd gets 4, 3rd gets 3. You also get a participant point (1p) just for entering in the battle. You can also gain 1 point if you happen to make it to the grand finals, and knock one of the pervious top 3 out of top 3. So really this provides a stable way to measure your skills and step ya game up. Nobody really loses in RanBat since you can easily catch up or keep up. I’m trying to introduce new ways of tourney playing in MI stuff I picked up in Dallas and learned from watching Socal RanBats. So I think it’s worth a shot. I picked the games that I believe bi weekly will have a stable turn out. So once again support the movement.

not winning money is shitty. So I disagree with it. If im going to drive 45-hour to this place I want to make sure I can win money shrug.

Are you planning to attend every thursday? This was more for the planet-x thursday gaming deal. Since me and OBOT were trying to start a Thursday Gaming night. I figured we can just have free entry RanBat tournies, but the 29TH TOURNEY IS GONNA BE CASH PRIZE. Just not the thursday events. So yea I guess it’ll be more come at your own expense on thursday. This may not even start the thursday right after the explosion tourney becuase we gotta come up w/a way to order converters and or find some really nice sized cheap tvs or something.

jejejeje ah boo hoo…jejejeje on thursdays…damn it jejejejeje…job wont let me go over…man and this looked really interesting :frowning:

Can you make it July 29th? That’s this month tourney.

I wouldn’t mind attending. I’ll see if I can hook up with MrPanda and get some plans going. Having a tournament SSF2T would definetely peak my interest a lot more too!

I got 1 vote for ST. Well 2 including mine :lol: I want ST also.

what is the deal with tekken at this event?

if anyone from saginaw going, give me a ride as well, I will pay for the gas

one more vote for ST ^____^

3 vote for ST and counting. You guys should also visit Michigangamers.net that’s where most of the Detroit gamers post. Just a helpful tibit for those that don’t know.

if you have ST on DC ill probably enter, I have a semi working DC arcade stick… so im up for that shrug.

I just saw this thing “*” next to what could be the alpha anthology game… If that means ranking battle whatever I dont want it… so umm yea if possible yea… I dunno I just really dont like the idea shrug…

No RANBAT’s in A3. The *just means update, I put one next to Ranking Battle because I was doing them in select games. Namely 3s,CvS2, and T5. Tommorrow is the day. Hopefully everyone will get out and participant in there games.