July 6th: G4AC Tournament, UMVC3, AE, Brawl, & BO2, Citrus Heights CA


We are holding a monthly Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, AE, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament alongside our Black Ops 2 tournament! All proceeds from our events are donated to charities helping children with cancer and their families!<br>
Venue Fee $5<br>
UMVC3 $5<br>
AE $5<br>
SSBB $5<br>
BO2 $10<br>
All pots are split 70/20/10
Xbox 360 for both<br>
-singles/free-for-all format<br>
-single elimination<br>
-custom classes will be provided<br>
-single/double elimination depends on number of attendants<br>
-Best 2/3 rounds until finals<br>
-Final will be 3/5 rounds<br>
We have consoles and regular wired controllers! Bring your own controller if you want.<br>
Saturday<br>July 6, 2013<br>
Registration starts at 6:00PM<br>
Tournaments start at 7:00PM<br>
5495 Sunrise Blvd.<br>
Citrus Heights, CA 95610<br>
United States<br>
Feel free to ask any questions!

The Sacramento (916)- "cuz we hype as S***" Thread!

about time a tourney came to the roseville/ citrus heights area :slight_smile:


Agreed!! It’s been fun. We’ve been having tourneys since January in the area. We’re planning to continue as long as gamers show up to play. Met some great new friends last month.


Updated this thread for our next tournament!


I’ll try to make an appearance to the next one since I got to meet you guys at Revelations.


I’ll be there!


Good seeing you guys at SacAnime!

My apologies for the Worm Squash finisher, lol.


No worry, man. I think that was the hypest part of that even. You just took the stomping me line literally. Hah.

So you bringing anyone else with ya? You don’t drive, right?


Haha I just feel so bad using that move. It makes me feel like I hate the other person.

Uhh yeah I’m still trying to get someone to drive down with me. I’ll ask around on Friday since there’s a tapex tournament that day.


That sounds good. Where exactly do you live?


I live in the Fruitridge area near Oak Park. Pretty much the area where you don’t want to be, lol.

I’m like down the street from Martin Luther King Jr. BLVD.


^ really? I lived right down the street from there since December. I just moved to South Natomas area though. Would have been cool to have had some matches.


So does anyone live in citrus heights that attends this tournament?


Will be coming down around 6-6:30 with my buddy Luis from Decepti-kon. See you all there!


I live in Orangevale. That count?


Thanks to everyone who came out btw! Hi Im Nastyy dominated pretty decisively.
Results were:

  1. Hi Im Nastyy
  2. Charades
  3. Mike


Updated for next month!


ok im for sure going to make it to the October date should be interesting since i run similar teams to nasty someone/iron man/skrull although my skrull is pretty trash right now tho


YEAH!!! tourney in citrus heights!! lets go!! gotta come out to this to support the scene out here


are there going to be cauals at this? and if so i can bring an AE setup if anyone is interested.