[July 9, 2013] 8otB Weekly: CAN YOU MAKE ME A SANDWICH? (UMvC3 & Injustice) (Dunellen, NJ)


**We have been going strong for FOUR YEARS now. We are officially the LONGEST running weekly tournament in gaming history.

We consider people who come as family. Never had a venue fee, never will.
Welcome to the show, motherfuckers. We present to you INJUSTICE and UMvC3.

We now have a hard 9PM start time!

Presented by KDZ, brackets run by HackerMike, stream hosted by Jaxel

LOCATION: http://www.thebreak.net/

[INDENT=1]8 on the Break[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]340 North Avenue[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Dunellen, NJ 08812[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]We are literally right in front of the Dunellen Train Station.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Train schedule: http://www.njtransit.com/pdf/rail/r0060.pdf[/INDENT]

TIME: 7:00 PM EST (every Tuesday)
[]8:00 PM - UMvC3 (Double Elimination) - $10
]8:00 PM - Injustice: Gods Among Us - $10

  • Games are run on Playstation 3

[INDENT=1]Sign-up and casuals for events start as early as 7:00 PM EST. Make it on time! These tournaments seem to be getting bigger as the weeks go by, so they take longer to run. As a result, we can’t keep pushing them back further and further.[/INDENT]

[]All games will follow the national EVO rules. Injustice is random stage select. If you lose, you can choose to stay, or random select again. No 50/50’s ever.
[]Absolutely do not vandalize any of our equipment.
]We reserve the right to search anyone suspicious.
VENUE: http://www.thebreak.net/

[INDENT=1]8 on the Break is a family fun arcade location. Absolutely no alcohol will be permitted on the premises. If you are caught drinking, or drunk, you will be escorted out, without refund. As well, no smoking is permitted within the arcade. Be clean and courteous; clean up after yourself. The venue is provided to us in good faith of our attendees.[/INDENT]

STREAM: http://8wayrun.com/stream/

[INDENT=1]Stream is provided by Jaxel of 8WayRun.Com. While the streams for the tournament take place in the evening, Jaxel tends to run video game streams before the event. Sponsorship opportunities on the stream available at request. Jaxel also offers his streaming services to tournament organizers; contact him if you are interested![/INDENT]

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i may check this out if im free nd hav a lift.

Going to New York a week before EVO, where do I play?

i would love to go, but unfortunately i only own a stick for 360 not ps3.


Everyone has sticks, and are all friendly enough to share
I myself bring a HRAP3 and my own personal custom every time.


awesome, i be there then. i try to bring a few too


New updates, since this is now a sticky!


Quick question, are there any tourneys/casuals on the weekends at the break or only is it only on Tuesdays? Cause I would love to come out for some action but I work nights during the week… I’ve been to The Break a couple of times for Beatmania tourneys and to play DistorteD AC so I’m no stranger to the break. Also if there isn’t any on the weekends, is there anywhere else near the West Milford NJ area that does?

Sorry for the double post I didn’t realize there was a Break sticky in the events thread. (I posted the same thing in the Break tourney results topic)


I live like a town over so I’ll see if I can make it, unfortunately I’m not used to sticks since I’ve always been a console player. If anything, I’ll see if I can bring my camera to record some matches.


You can play on pad, it is not against the rules. We are playing on console. The break does not have a SF4 cabinet.


What other games are gonna be here? SC4 maybe?


K hit me up I want to send my sticks down with the Philly crew.



Now we need 30 people for the $80 pot bonus


Startime: 8:00pm.
Make it on time
If you can’t call me at 917.582.8556 and I’ll see what I can do.

I say this all the time, but fuck you dont gotta come extra late and shit.

It’s ALL PS3.


  • Tuesday, March 23rd, 2009
  • Tournament at 8:00 PM
  • 8 on the Break
  • 340 North Avenue
  • Dunellen, NJ 08812**

We are literally in front of the Dunellen Train station. The train schedule is available online at: http://www.njtransit.com/pdf/rail/r0060.pdf.


*** 9:00 PM - Street Fighter IV singles Tournament - $10**


  • Street Fighter IV will be run on the PlayStation3 Console
  • Tekken 6 will be run on the Playstation3 Console
  • Double Elimination Tournament
  • Sets consist of 2/3 Matches in preliminary sets
  • Sets consist of 3/5 Matches in bracket-finals sets and grand-finals sets
  • Bracket will be randomized based on player regions
  • Winner Character Lock (cannot switch characters)
  • Double Blind Character Selection available by request
  • Random Stage Selection for first match of set
  • Loser’s Choice for new RANDOM stage by request
  • Button Sequence Macroing is banned (Binding still legal)
  • Pausing may result in forfeiture of that specific round
  • Soft Reset will result in forfeiture of that specific match


  • Matches consist of 2/3 Rounds in all sets
  • Rounds consist of 99 second time limit in all sets
  • All stages are currently legal for tournament play
  • All matches played at default health and handicap


  • Squatting during casual play is strictly prohibited
  • You must take a shower before the tournament
  • No smoking is permitted inside the arcade
  • Be clean and courteous, and clean up after yourself
  • Please don’t walk in front of TVs durings matches
  • Absolutely don’t vandalize the supplied equipment
  • We reserve the right to search anyone suspicious


  • $10 Street Fighter IV Singles, 10% to arcade


If you are bringing your own stick, make sure to bring an appropriate converter; I will not be responsible for converter and controller issues. The tournament will be run on as many TVs as I deem necessary depending on the turnout; all other TVs will be used for casuals and money matches.

8 on the Break is a family fun arcade location, so no drinking alcohol on the premises. If you’re seen drinking alcohol, you will be asked to leave with no refund.






bleh I don’t have a ride but I live so co close i can take the bus.
So get ready for some controller d-pad action from me.


I’ll be there.


I suck but will probably start coming to these within the next week or two.


Can we get an unnofficial or official MvC2 tourney going too?




Would you kill me if I brought BB with me?


why would he kill you?

He’ll just let you play alone lol but you have to pay for venue fee which I think it’s $1 lol