July C3 SF4/Blazblue team tourneys results


Thanks to everyone who came out, I really think everyone was playing to win and I def saw a lot of progress all over…

I can honestly say MD/VA is easily a top 3 region on the East Coast!


MVC2 drops within the week, if you want to learn the game we have very experienced players in that game here in our area, pm me for more info?

Now for some leet results…

SF4 3v3 Team Results

  1. Team “Kurt Lee” Ludovic(Chun)/EricKim(Sagat)/HAV(Abel)
  2. Team “Throat Rocket” Magman(Chun)/Epsilon(Akuma)/EricV(Seth)
  3. Team “El Negro” WestBlazed(Ken)/Dookit(Ryu)/Lukky(Honda)
  4. Team “Tridan Katops” (DevilJin(Viper)/PurBeast(Balrog)/MOD(Blanka)
  5. Team “3-0 Done” (MuffinMan(Balrog)/MasterCrash(Ken)/GrimyGrizzly(Gief)
  6. Team “Xiggy Star Dust” (Chris(Gief)/Gummowned(Sagat)/Mamation(Bison)

BLAZEBLUE 2v2 Team Results

  1. Team “Gunkaka” Coma(Noel)/Avion(Taokaka)
  2. Team “Otakon Champs” Moroha(Rachel)/GwygynBlood(Litchi)
  3. Team “Throat Rocket” MVA(Arakune)/Magman(Litchi)
  4. Team “Fun Corp” 4r5/Corrosive
  5. Team “Press” EdLopez/WallStreet
  6. Team “Boob Money” Ludovic/Dras

Peggle did not finish but I did witness some epic matches such as:

EricV defeats PVFP

Slogan defeats Everyone

JoshV defeats Magman

Nken defeats Ludovic

HAV defeats Billy Blanks

Just some of the good matches I saw in Peggle…rofl

Well till next month guys…expect KOF/MVC2/BlazeBlue/SF4 to be there!

STAY HYPE and I will have next months date posted for all by next week!

Out of towners will be present next month…so train up!


Great tournament, had tons of fun.

Good shit to the winners. SF4 winners team was just too solid…too hard to crack! I wanted that run back against kimmiks one last time…but Lud got in my way :sad:. I guess I should be happy enough that we kept you guys from going undefeated…but we’re definitely aiming higher.

Mike A - Definitely the definition of an anchor, in BlazBlue. Good stuff bro, nice saves. I’ll definitely make it up to D.C. to chill with you cats sometime soon! Thanks for teaming with me.

epsilon - Your footsies are too sick, it’s like watching a Japanese player play. Like we went over…once you top it off with practice, you’ll definitely be up there easily. Nice teaming with you.

Team El Negro - Good work on pulling off upsets and hanging in there. It’s really cool to watch you guys improve every single time.

Everyone else - I talk to too many people for this stuff, shout outs to everyone…this community as a whole is so chill and the competition is fierce. Good shit to every single person who showed up.


Wish I could have gone. Completely forgot about this and didn’t call off work for it so I had to work yesterday :arazz:.

Congrats to all placers. I heard the Noel that got first in BB was beastly. I must see it.


Good shit everyone. Sorry for the shitty play in GF’s. I keep trying to learn Jap stick, and I just struggle :sad:

Whatever though.

Paul got that Japanese Blanka now. :lol: Good shit.

Good seeing everyone again. We all need to get together and play more.

Oh, and major good shit to LUD. I have the utmost respect for that dude right now. Dude didn’t win a match the whole tournament, and he could have got down on himself, and bitched up in GF’s… but after getting beaten a couple more times, he comes back and OCV’s the team in the last set of GF? Really? Too strong. More than combos, mindgames, perception… whatever… dude has heart. I respect that. :tup:

MD/VA gotta get out there and fuck some people up. Summer Jam is the next show. Who else is in?

EDIT- Oh, and post-C3 XBL session was gdlk. Meanmuggin19 was getting fucked up LOL. Flowchart Ken > Eric Kim?


im down, i feel like im getting there. Still need to work on offence.
also i have weekends off so its a possibilty


GGs all I played in Blazblue and SF4 casuals. You know who you are. Was good meeting some of you. Also I took my scarf and set it on fire after losing in GFs of BB you will never see that unlucky accessory again. Hopefully I can announce some shit next C3, look at the damage.

Shoutout to Eric V and that [media=youtube]XSFkkEWHabI#t=1m30s"[/media]EX finish

Thinking about that Summer Jam.


they have marvel at summer jam right? Hav if you can teach me marvel before then Im totally down

And yo, the shit Im about to say is sooooooooooo real, yo REAL TALK—


walks away


Good shit to everybody.

This was my first c3 (and tournament in general, and it showed :sad: ) and I had a lot of fun.

Shout outs to HAV for the OCV in the very first match of the tourney that sent us to losers, lol.

Pat (umthrfkr?) nice job carrying the team with that blanka shit. Wish I could have actually contributed more (or at all) but I was kind of shaky, but at least i popped my tourney cherry right?

Jaguar- you are still a jerk, lol.

Gg’s To all I played.

now, time to go learn match-ups



Vids will be up late in the week. Got a good setup going for Sony Vegas to convert to shitty Youtube formats from my MTS raws. GG’s to everyone in BB!


I play tao.


I want the money to work for me. I’m tired of working for the money



lol, i dont think thats what he ment


LUD is a BEAST. dude was intent on getting at least one OCV and gets it on match point. thanks to my team for killing shit throughout the whole tournament i think i only played once before grand finals. md/va stay leveling up, see you guys at summer jam!


Just throw money around and turn it into more money


Great time, nice top teams. GG’s to all.

Shout outs tooo…

Eric Kim, nice talking to you man.

Saqs, your rose is to fucking good. I HATE IT!!! :rofl:

The whole Tridan Katops team, talked to you guys alot. Thanks to Purbeast for telling me about the c.mp. Its nasty.

Exist for running an amazing tournament, yet again!

MagMan, another person that I was talking to alot.

Sorry man but I forgot your name, it was your first time there and you said Jeremy brought you there. This jeremy played bison though, it was cool talking to you and hope you show up to next months.


It was a fun event, BB definately helped the turnout, I felt like our tournament was on the backburner for the blazblue hype :stuck_out_tongue:

I just wanna say that from a akuma to akuma perspective, epsilon you really impressed me with your akuma in GF. You made it look like you were playing ST up there :smiley:


gg’s everyone I played in BB.


there are two jeremys that play bison. I drove mark, michel, and erick kim up so if it wasnt them then you mean “The other Jeremy” who is known as RGM.


Yeah that jeremy, he brought his friend and I talked to his friend alot.


good tourney.
3-0 done did a nice job placing top 5.
eric kim: why sagat???lol. havoc good stuffs with abel, you OCV two teams for us.
I fear seth, Valencia. I fear seth. seth vs chun= time out for me.
Mags: chun mirror were the best matches i ever had. it’s so fun. it’s truly a mirror match.
i didn’t do too well in blazblue, but i’ll get better at it. Arakune is really something.
rugi: you’re akuma improved so much.
GGs to all.