July Grand Master Monthly

SSF4 teams:

1: JoshW+Bryheem
2: Jaguar+Kyle
3: Skye+Dave
4: Kazi+Puccabuki
5: JoshV+Nefarsus
5: Strangla+Ebbs
7: BigE+Hubbs
7: Kattermari+NinjaZephyr

SSF4 Singles:

1: Dr. Chaos
2: Lud
3: Julian
4: Bryheem
5: Damian
5: Jaguar
7: Robin
7: Kattermari(forfeit)
9: Strangla
9: Kyle
9: Mike
9: Josh W.(forfiet)
13: NinjaZephyr
13: Skye
13: Hubbs
13: Josh V.
17: Avery
17: Kenny
17: Evan
17: Shervin
17: AJ
17: Q
17: Nick Nasty
25: Nefarsus
25: Cronux
25: Dave2J
25: Ebbs

SSF4 New Characters:

T-1: Julian, Dr.Chaos
3: Renegade
4: Lud
5: Kenny DMG
5: NickNasty
7: AJ
7: CoMeBaCk
9: Damian
9: Mike
11: Dave2J
11: HuBBs

I had a lot of fun at this event. Thanks to all Philly for your hospitality! Everyone I met was pretty chill.
Props to chaos for taking down singles and hubbs for running the tourney!
Also a tip of the hat to Kyle and Damien who took me out.
I apologize to everyone for having to endure watching my scrubby ass Thawk. I never really play him.

Hope to see some of you guys next weekend for civil war II in Richmond!

Wait…7th? Maybe I should have stayed after all…

Josh W 9th in singles? Or left early as well?

What happened to skye?

Not bad, Lud. Don’t let this guy win next time!! :smokin:

Yeah Mags, we double forfeit in losers cause we had to both leave.

skye played guy and seemed out of it

Skye mind wasnt really on the tournament, but im still glad he came.

IM glad everyone came out.

Robin call me i was passed out.

SKYE GUY IS NASTY!!! Its the hair…
Hes too gdlk…shoulda got some money so i can fix my car that got broken into…
Had to much fun…

Great job Big E and Hubbs for running another awesome Monthly. Hopefully we get this going biweekly like you mentioned and Philly levels up.