July SW Regional Results

3rd Strike (23 people)
1st AsianHitler - Necro
2nd Alex Yoon - Yun
3rd Buktooth - Chun-Li
4th Khang Le - Alex
5th Jaime - Ken
5th Lee - Dudley
7th Eddie Williams - Hugo
7th Mike Jones - Urien
9th Chris Dat
9th Malkum - Elena
9th ddr_gakusei - Ken
9th Dutchforce - Dudley
13th SUGAR LAND - Yun
13th Crimson Disaster
13th Alex E - Makoto
13th DarkChylde
17th Evil Dictator - Chun Li, Makoto
17th Logan Sharp - Elena
17th NoiNoiPinoy
17th Ill E - Dudley
17th Rush Down Ninja - Ken
17th Dreamfire
17th Vanessie - Chun-Li


MvC2 (26 people)
1st Joe Reyna - Santhrax, MSS, and Spiral to counter pick me! :tdown:
2nd AsianHitler - Scrubclops, SSCyke
3rd Carnevil - Scrub
4th Vinnyman - Rowtron, Mag/Sent/Psy
5th Power-DN - Santhrax
5th Ronald Hernandez - Combofiend
7th Ranma0005 - Megaman/Cable/Tron, MM/Cable/Sent
7th Ivan Rivas - Rowtron
9th Gene Flowers - Combofiend
9th SSJBrydon
9th Eric - Scrub
9th Chris Jefferson - Rogue/Cable/Tron
13th Gonzo - Omega Red/Sentinel/Commando
13th Total Toanage - Santhrax
13th PMD - Mag/Storm/Tron
13th Jake - Mag/Sent/Cyke
17th Andjita - Santhrax
17th Francisco - Spiral/Cable/Sentinel
17th Joaquin - Santhrax
17th Tim
17th Da Minsta
17th Rudy Mena - Rowtron
17th Justin - Santhrax
17th Evin
25th Ill E
25th ddr_gakusei - Storm/Cable/Cyke


CvS2 (16 people)
1st Buktooth - N, His team, then brought in Chun
2nd Ashley Hernandez - K, Akuma/Sagat/Blanka(2)
3rd Ronald Hernandez - A, Bison/Sakura/Blanka(2)
4th Rudy Mena - K, Cammy/Sagat/Blanka(2)
5th Logan Sharp
5th Jan-Michael Del Rio
7th Khang Le
7th Clever
9th Jeff Hill
9th AsianHitler
9th Dreamfire
9th Fernando
13th NoiNoiPinoy
13th Vanessie
13th Crimson Disaster

Reload (14 people)
1st Marneto - Eddie
2nd Alex Perales - Slayer
3rd Jan-Michael Del Rio - Eddie
4th Poon
5th Kensou - Chipp
5th R0B0T - Sol
7th Pozerwolf - Ky
7th Terrell - Venom
9th AsianHitler - Johnny
9th DarkChylde - Potemkin
9th Crimson Disaster
9th K-Junk
13th Zand - May
13th Maniak - Axl

ST (8 people)
1st AsianHitler - Fei Long
2nd Jeaux - Balrog, Ryu, Vega, Honda
3rd Eddie Williams - Zangief, OG Ken
4th Jeff Hill - Bison
5th Clever - Vega
5th Dreamfire - OG Ryu
7th NoiNoiPinoy - Honda, Ryu
7th ninked - Vega

note: i have a mental block against david. i mean, come on, its THA HITLA! good games though, craziness

robot ky is powerful but he lacks heart

what is this heart?

Me too! :sad: He’s mothafucking psychic! :wow:

I fear megaman/tron :clap:

David pretty much kicked ALL our asses…kinda reminded me of the old days at SG…and also

MASH ON SHORT MORE!!! :encore:

Yeah, thats my worst nightmare :shake:

good games ever1

Hey guys, sry that I wasn’t there this time around.
I wanted to be there so bad but lolz no ride.
Good job Joe and David :encore: I wish I could have been there to balance it out Lolz. See you guys at Evo.
Joe there having a 2-on-2 tourney at Evo. How about it?
Lets take them on. Lolz talk to you about it laterz. To everyone, See you guys at Evo. :tup:

People kept falling for my Makoto uppercuts, that’s why I didn’t go 2 and out.

good shit most evil man on the planet aka nelly.
good shit jan and the beast twins.
good shit K hang LE

I had alot of fun, good games to everyone, since i haven’t been to a tourney in 2 years I was all nervous lol… it was hot too lol

I wish I could have came to see this tourney but I was at the Tekken 5 tourney at U of H this weekend. I hope somehow Chris will get A/C up in Stargate. I wouldn’t mind going and paying more to get in if he could put aside money for A/C. I’m surprised that the heat hasn’t wrecked his machines and those are expensive.

dude…eddie…clap…clap…dash in 720 = pwn’d me for free…that shiz was HOTT!!

on behalf of the dfw crew, i’d like to say we all had a great time.

thanks goes out to chris and lay for being spectacular hosts, as well as the rest of the houston cast.

i didn’t even know vinny and daniel played 3s! they’re not 1/2-bad!

daniel, i’m on GW as: Miriam Delirium (Me/Mo)

This was the 1st tourney i played in… i got elminated in marvel and 3s early on, but i still had fun :tup:

GGs to Justin, totaltoanage, Khang,Jake, Kensou( :lol:), Chris (Ranma) with those crazy Megaman/tron resets, Vinny, power-dn, Ivan and everybody else i played against.
Congrats for 1st place Joe, good job :tup:

Ron ,good job in marvel :tup:

Another note:

The official quote of the weekend at Stargate was “CARNEVIL DAT SHIT!” Everybody was sayin that shit. :rofl: :lol:


glad you liked it…thats the most damaging gigas setup i can think of and only works on people who never seen it before…

i placed 7th?? damn!! im losing it. im usually in top 5 bleh… ill do better next time… (pulls out his dusty dreamcast and mas stick)

houston vs three dollars

drop kickin fools like


Thanks for coming out everyone.

I have the BEST Elena.


<3 Stargate. Even though it was hot as fuck, just being there was hella fun. I’ll definitely have to drop by more often :tup: