[July17-19, 2015] Best EVO Party. Period. {Ultra, MKX, Sm4sh, UMvC3 & more!} (Tampa, FL)

Schedule & details:
Friday, 7/17 Ian Bishop and Gamers On The Edge are hosting Mario Party, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Mario Power Tennis, 8-player Sm4sh, Splatoon, NBA Jam, Divekick, and Forza FOR FREE!

Saturday, 7/18
12 noon - Registration & casuals open
1pm - Smash Wii U singles ($5 buy-in, 2-stock, 6 min, NO customs or Mii’s, vote on stages below)
2pm - Mario Kart 8 ($5 to charity, prize TBD; 200cc, no bots, 5 races, highest points after 5 races guaranteed into a final, add’l rules similar to CEO and Kumite)
3pm - Smash Wii U doubles ($10 per team, 3-stock, 8 min, NO customs or Mii’s, vote on stages below) then allies turn to enemies as immediately following each 1st round doubles set, a 4-player FFA ensues with a special prize going to each victor and $5 of the doubles buy-in going to charity!
4pm - Nidhogg ($2 to charity, PS4, prize TBD)
5pm - Smash Wii U triples ($6 per trio, 3-stock, 8 min, NO customs or Mii’s)
6pm - Def Jam FFNY ($2 to charity, PS2, prize TBD)
7pm - Mortal Kombat X ($5 buy-in, PS4, 2/3 with finals 3/5)
8pm - Breaker’s Revenge ($5 buy-in, cab provided by Robert Leonard, 2/3 with finals 3/5)
9pm - Ultra SF4 ($5 buy-in, 360, 2/3 with finals 3/5)
10:30pm - Super Street Fighter II Turbo ($5 buy-in, Super Gun provided by Skyler Johnson, 2/3 with finals 3/5)
11pm - UMvC3 ($5 buy-in, 360, 3/5 all the way through)
***if we get more than 64 players for any game, we may hold top 8 for Sun, 7/19 with time TBD by finalists’ votes

Location: 980 Inesita Pl. Tampa, FL 33619
On Saturday, your door fee is $6 and gets you EITHER 2 hot dogs & a soda from Dave’s Dogs on-site OR 2 bags of Bonjoe Gourmet Chips on-site.
***NO DOOR FEE IF you bring your ticket stub from the previous weekend’s Tampa eSports Summer LAN '15 https://www.facebook.com/events/1595949907333253/
Payouts 40/30/20/10%
As always, spectators & casual players are free AS LONG AS YOU CLICK GOING (otherwise, subject to competitor door fees)

Registration closes 5 minutes before the start of each game.

There will be space for dozens of sleeping bags or air mattresses if you need to crash for the night, because Sun, 7/19 at 3pm we’re migrating to Robert Leonard’s annual DoubleTap Homecade EVO Finals Day stream viewing; ONLY 7min away from our venue! https://www.facebook.com/events/1449785735323502/

All games double elimination unless otherwise specified.
Bring your own controller or fight stick.
For more info on Bonjoe Gourmet Chips and More as featured on Bubba the Love Sponge https://www.facebook.com/bonjoechip