Jump attacks...how often do you use it


hi guys may i ask on how often do you do jump attacks? if the scenario is your opponent is not using any projectile attacks.


Match dependant. If they let you go nuts, you can jump around like a monkey all day with no fear of impunity attempting cross ups and jump tatsus and empty jumps and so on. If its someone that will punish you, then you probably only going to do safe jumps or to neutral jump to bait a move/avoid something. Some characters have a basis for an air game like a dive kicker or covering approach with air fireballs or canonspikes or what have you. Others are better glueing their feet to the ground. Theres no set number of jumps you shoudl or shouldnt take.


A lot if someone is really free or I’m confident it will land in the current situation.


Just don’t be this Ken…[media=youtube]dQ9WNFY9l4E[/media]


Depends on the matchup and which character I play. If my opponent has weak or limited anti-air options, I’m able to more freely go on the offensive. Generally, its a bad idea to jump towards your opponent. Jumping is…and always has been in SF…a high-risk high-reward option, and you should view it as such. Usually scrubs or new players will go jump happy, and then get their shit tore up, and they don’t know why.


one thing i know about jump attacks is cross ups, i use jump attacks if the enemy is under courhc position or under the state of getting up from a knock down. ill his the opposite shoulder then do a bnb combo, cr. m.kick then shoryuken, thats for the SF 3D edition but for AE i think its another story. i think my execution with cr.m.kick xx h.SRK needs a lot of improvement


well that ken jumps too much, but i saw your move did you just taunt then FADC? hahaha


Zero j.H. That is all.


j.H? sorry, what does that mean?


It’s short for jumping heavy. In MvC3 and UMvC3, Zero’s jumping heavy is an absolutely godlike move.


You’d have to state which game you’re talking about. SF2? SF4? SFxT? MvC3? SG? That kinda has a certain impact on the answer. Also, which character.


If you have no reason to jump then you probably shouldn’t. It really depends on the match-up and what your opponent is doing.


Even if you could execute a 3-hit combo, you’re assuming you’d hit them. What if they block? You’re kind of screwed then, because you’re about to eat a huge damage on recovery from that dragon punch.

Is your experience of SF4 limited to the 3d version? How often do you play online or against live opponents?


For my location i think i cant frequently fight live opponents due to lag issues. But i try to play online as frequent as possible. My experience in sf4 as of the moment is limited to the 3d edition because i justed owned the game less than 2 weeks. And i own the pc version.

Well blocked h.srk is my major problem trying to fix it and learn hit confirm. And not shooting blocked combos.


How would you get lag from playing people in person?

I would start off by doing a simple jab string after a cross up attack. Just do cr.jabs. If they hit, go into a more damaging combo, if not, you can do a cr.mk xx fireball, or another cross-up, or whatever floats your boat. Anything is better than randomly doing cr.mk xx dragon punch when you’re not sure it’s going to connect.


Oh sorry i play sf online only. I dont sparring partners here in my place. To play with competitive players i have go online.



Do you have a divekick?

If not: why are you jumping you don’t have a lot of reasons to.


depends of the game, some games with better mobility options like gg, kof, bb, mvc3, etc knowing how to put in work your spacing game through the air is important


I play MK, so…a lot.