Jump back

In my opinion, jump back is a major concern in this game.
You can roll out of the corner, teleport to safety and keep jumping back.

Characters like Raven can throw fireballs and Juri can divekick you on reaction.

How do you possibly counter that - even with characters with a good dash, a command dash or godlike walkspeed? I haven’t found a good counter, thats worth the risk. Air Throws don’t have enough range. A timeout will end your misery.

The stages are way too big and corner control is hard to achieve.

So maybe, there is a use for movement gems after all. But they should be triggered after 3 jump backs :wink:

Does your opponent jumping back damage you? Raven’s air-fireballs only hit you if you’re actually in the air, so if you see him toss one… dash and close the gap. Once you get close enough and predict the jump, jump at them with something to stuff their move. If it’s Juri… just block and punish? If her dive kick isn’t punishable, then just block the dive kick, the following mixup, then anti-air the inevitable jump back. Air-to-air is really effective in this game and can lead to juggle combos, so it actually is a pretty bad idea to keep taking to the skies. DPs are less powerful in this game, but air-to-air and using normals against jump-ins seem to be pretty solid.