Jump-cancel help



Ok So I am having a hard time executing the jump cancel from Trial Mission 10. His cH-fH jH-jS-sH
after the jS I always miss the sH. I know it has to do with timing but I’ve been at it for hours and can’t get it down. Any advice?


Wait as much as you can before hitting J. H


You have to delay the j.H and the j.S after it long enough so you can land. Its weird at first, but keep messing around with it and you’ll get a sense for how late is to late.


if you just want to finish the mission and you’re not trying to get the jump loop down right now, then just xfactor before you start the combo and it makes it really easy


You might want to check out this video of Justin screwing around with IF in training mode. He’s got the game audio off so you can hear the buttons while he’s doing the combos and it might help you get the timing down for that part better than the paper notations.


I finally got it!! Thanks for the help guys and or ladies.


Iron fist is on the come up.