Jump Cancel Help?

Hey all, I need help with the whole pressing S and H Grapple because when i do it it goes to far to the left…help me please.

Can you please explain exactly what you’re trying to do? What combo? Saying “help I can’t combos” is not helpful.

EDIT: ( :s: jcc) :qcf::h:~:l: this is whats giving me trouble

You need to Tiger Knee the motion. After S, do :qcf: with an up-forward motion added in and :h:

I do that…but it misses…

What do you mean? Does the grapple come out and not hit the opponent, or does the grapple not come out at all?

the grapple comes out after :s: but it misses

Spencer has to be under the opponent for it to work. So doing L-M-H-S into grapple won’t work properly because Spencer is too far away. You have to set up a combo so that you’re under the opponent when you do S into grapple.
Try this:
:l: :m: :h: :s: j.:m: j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: Air :qcf: :h: j.:s: j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: Wire Grapple Down Forward :s: TK Wire Grapple :h: :l: Follow-up

when am I supposed to do :s: after Air :qcf: :h:

Just before you land. Then jump up again and do the j.:m: j.:h: j.:s:

Also depends on the character body size also. If it’s a small type the launch to H grapple up won’t hit.

This isn’t true if you do the combo right, everyone can always be hit by it

Is there any good Bnbs for a beginning spencer user like myself?

Yeah no…not if hes trying to get it from a launch combo. But if you triple zip to get below then yeah.

So, first off. What do you even mean by launch combo? The only situations I can even think of where doing :s: jcc :qcf::h: fails against small characters specifically, when doing good well optimized combos, is in j.:qcf::s: |> :m: :h: :s: jcc :qcf::h:, where you need to omit :s: against small characters and it doesn’t work against tiny characters. But that’s like, one situation, basically it works every other time it’s called for. There’s also, uh, TK OTG j.:qcf::h: j.:s: :s: jcc :qcf::h: but that only hits a very specific hitbox and also fails against big characters, so… I know that like, :qcf::l:~:l:, backstep, TK j.:qcf::m:, j.:s: j.:f:zip j.:df:zip :s: :qcf::h: totally hits the entire cast. So I guess I’m just not really certain what you’re even getting at!

Launch meaning S “Hey all, I need help with the whole pressing S and H Grapple because when i do it it goes to far to the left…help me please.” From what the OP asked. I’m just stating that he can’t do that combo sequence on small characters.

See, I thought it was probably :l::m::h::s: jcc :qcf::h:~:l:, because that is a common thing for people to try to do, fail, and ask why. But… I even made a note in the OP of the combo thread saying not to try it… It doesn’t work, after all. You need to set that stuff up, not just jump into it.

Sigh…He was specifically asking why the hook went left also and you clearly don’t know much about Spencer if your first response was “what combo are you talking about” Didn’t mean to dumb down everything and not put the whole combo when we were only talking about any combo that involves launcher to h grapple.

So to the OP

Easy combo

L M H S > M M H S then bomber > M H S > M M H S > normal jump over and H grapple > right when Spencer fully flips right up zip down and armor piercer to maneuvers. (simple combo and will help improve your timing for advance combos)

Not sure how much work you have done with your Spencer since you’ve posted so get back at me and i’ll help you out some more.

Jesus christ really

You do realize you’re talking to the girl who invented half the stuff that

You know what, this is stupid and you’re wrong, tons of stuff involves launcher to h grapple and will connect against every character. Like, y’know, the string I just named which works on rocket raccoon. There’s like… One important string that won’t, tops. I even said what it is, j.:qcf::s: |> :m: :h: :s: jcc :qcf::h:. It’s far from the only important string involving :s: jcc :qcf::h:. Why don’t you… Why don’t you name one other time where, when you’re pressed against the corner, :s: jcc :qcf::h: hits most characters but whiffs small ones? On a combo that is actually useful. Because I bet you can’t.

ZZzzzzzzzzzzzz and I started capcom.