Jump Cancel Help?

Stark does have multiple tutorial videos with Spencer so she does know what she’s talking about. Not sure about inventing a lot of stuff though :eek:

This is all irrelevant though. Mak, do you want basic BnB’s or BnB combos including the Jump Cancelled wire grapple?

Which was why I responded the way I did.

But any who. To the OP again…another practical combo which is do-able in a match easily once you get it down and it’s pretty damaging without requiring an assist.

This combo will only work for medium-large character. (The H-grapple will whiff on small characters)

L M H S > M M H S BOMBER > M H S H-grapple (L) reel in punch (can either maneuvers (might be the easier option) or let the hard knockdown happen and back dash to tiger knee bomber to maneuvers) after the super > Tiger knee h-grapple > zip straight down > armor piercer > maneuvers.

But for small type characters

It’s the same thing except after the 1st bomber, M H L-grapple (L) reel in punch and the rest is the same.

:eek: So much distress.

Just kindly point the man to the combo thread and ask him to clarify his question there.

No muss, no fuss. :smiley: