Jump Cancelled Auto Correct Flash Kicks for Guile, via Gilley, video has gone private

There was a thread posted on Reddit/r/sf4 about this video ^ and the video has gone private… Just trying to find it it sounds like some great technology and no one has been able to explain to me how it works, would love to see the original video or at least explain the inputs and when to use them.

I watched it yesterday and I can’t really explain it in-depth but basically it’s a way around the glitch that Guile has that stops him from switching sides when he’s being crossed up. It is done by using the pre-jump frames and then doing the special move. So the input is basically holding up for a frame or two longer than you would normally when you’re doing a flash kick. This somehow turns Guile around as he would without the glitch and the flash kick auto-corrects.

looks like it got featured on SRK :wink: