Jump cancelled command throw?

super-jump cancelled command throw?

Hi, I read about the possibility of super-jump cancelling command throws such as yun’s. The idea is supposed to be that it makes it impossible for your opponents to throw you during your command throw.

This seems like it should be godly with yun. Ie, do an overly deep divekick, then jump cancel command throw, for example.

I was just trying this in training mode against a throw mashing dummy, and it wasnt working very consistently.

I seemed to be getting it sometimes, but only rarely.

Has anyone mastered this?

how exactly do you jump cancell? wouldn’t you just jump before the throw comes out?

sorry, I meant to say super jump cancelled.

Anyway, this is done by (with yun for example):

6,3,2,1,4,7 + K.

but like I said I cant seem to use it to avoid throws consistently at all.

What you say

Look at the numbers on the arrow keys on your keyboard.

6,3,2,1,4,7+k = fwd, dnfwd, dn, dnb, b, ub + K

Not that yun needs another trick.

Edit: You’d have to do it extremely fast but if it works I can only imagine the possibilites. I.E. GJ, jump-canceled throw -> half life combo… wow how sucktackular.

I hope it doesn’t work.

My laptop has no need for numpad. A simple HCB etc. makes more sense anyway.

that means in theory, you can do kara-jump cancelled Yun’s command throw!
hahahahaha ownagery

You shouldn’t be able to jump install a kara-grab because you can’t jump during the kara-cancelled normal.

Anyhow the trick is thta you’re cancelling your pre-jump frames into a move, and you can’t be thrown out of pre-jump frames IIRC.

lol the pre jump frames is like 1 frame and 2 or 3 for super jump. cancelling that out would be pretty tough.

edit: i just noticed the thread is super jump cancel. i got a question are you really invincible in the prejump phase of super jump? if so and you can cancel that into other moves then thats pretty broken.

I’m pretty sure you can still be thrown during your move but you cannot be thrown for a certain number of frames before your move starts executing. You have to match those 3 or so pre-super jump frames with your opponent’s active throw frame so yeah, it’s pretty hard to master. It’s only good when you know exactly when your opponent is going for a throw and can execute perfectly.

Then again, Kuroda seems to land it pretty consistently. When he’s getting up and anticipating a throw on wake-up -pretty common against Chun and Ken for instance- sometimes he’ll super jump super cancel Q’s command throw so the opponent’s throw completely whiffs and he grabs them instead for huge damage. If they freeze because they’re afraid of wake-up parries or super, he’ll still grab them anyway. If they attack instead then he’s pretty much fucked but Q’s vitality makes it a good gamble depending on the situations.

With Yun, the risk/reward ratio isn’t nearly as good because he already has great mixup options. Also, Q’s pre-super jump animation is longer than Yun’s so the timing is more lenient.

hugo has good vitality also…hmmm

now that sounds scary O.o

7 frames prejump for Hugo! So let’s say if someone jumps in empty for a throw, I need to input down->up->360?

the 360is already jumpcancelled if you thik about its motion…

yeah, but who is gonna try and wake-up throw against HUGO? :slight_smile:

I’ve read in another thread that you are invincible (to throws) for the complete duration of your superjump pre-jump. I also read that if you cancel out of this prejump (say, at frame 2 out of 7) that the throw-invincibility carries over into that move.

So, for example, I could have a clap that has 5 frames of throw-invincibility at the beginning.

But Billykane, you say this ain’t so? :frowning: I’ll see if I can dig up the thread.

drunken master: BK once posted about Alex doing his chop jump=cancelled I believe, so it should work…

But does that mean everytime you do a 360 you’re basically doing a super jump cancel? I mean if you just do 360 + p would the cpu takes it as just a command grab or jump jump -> command grab?

Ok Doom… I’m just asking because what he has said here:

…contradicts it.

HugoLizard: As long as you go through down->up fast enough in your motion to cause a super-jump, then yeah… why not? Once you hit up, the game thinks “ok, superjump” then you hit P and it’s “No wait! Cancel superjump into 360!”

You don’t HAVE to superjump it (do it slow, different motions, etc) but I can’t see why not.