Jump-cancelled Instant SA2

I watched that Thong of Rage tutorial vid, and it looks to me like this move has enormous potential. For those of you who were too lazy to watch that whole 12-minute vid, here’s how it works:

  1. Select SA2 and get your bar full
  2. When you want to do it, rotate the joystick 450 degrees, starting at down and ending at forward. What this does is registers a high-jump, AND the QCFx2 for the SA
  3. Hit the button!

The cool thing about this is it’s a verified link from Close MK, and actually does a decent amount of damage. ^.^

this is the best method, espcially over inputting a super jump to super off of a hit which is a very insufficient way to pull it off. None the less, the idea that you can only verify this combo from a mid-hit draws it back. And you are left with no room for EX’s. Aside from that, you need to be pyschic while jumping to punish anything lol

Yeah, that does seem to be the biggest drawback, the single bar. Especially considering how heavily 12 relies on EX moves to do damage.


Oh Capcom, when will you fix my beloved Twelve?

SA2 does almost the same amount of damage as SA1, the only reason to use SA2 is to show off, really. The super-weakened anti-air damage clinches it, unless you’re hella better than your opponent (and playing against Hugo), there’s no real reason to use it at all.


Oh, its that bad, eh? So SA1 it is?

yes. But not even the Hugo thing is worth it. If the Hugo player knows about the OTG which they should then they will quick recover.

Hmm…I see.

Now, how about the question posed in my other thread? >.>