Jump+Down MP Projectile Invincibility?

Not sure if this has been discovered yet, but I was looking through Scans of T.Hawk’s Hitboxes in AE and (Correct me if I’m wrong) I found that his Jumping+Down MP has Projectile Invincibility Hurtboxes on his Legs. I’m assuming this has Projectile Invincibility because they’re the same Purple Hurtboxes you’ll find on EX Condor Dive/Spire.

Do you guys think this can have any practical uses? I’m guessing that if a character like Ryu we’re to throw out a Fireball you can just time the Jumping+Down MP to where Hawk’s Legs would just pass through it while stuffing Ryu during a Possible Jump-in or Dash DP.

You guys have any thoughts on this (Not at home to try this out atm)?

That is a poor hitbox representation. You cant go through projectiles. I dont even have to test it to know. Look at Holbinos (?) Hitbox sticky the back of thawks is full of vunerable hitbos

I am so sorry, but I stand corrected. I will post my applied findings in the lab

It’s okay. I wasn’t sure of this myself because I wasn’t home to test it :slight_smile:

Hey Chazz, where did you find those hitbox scans?

Hi there. I found them on Eventhubs.com. Here’s the link to T.Hawk’s entire Hitbox Scans -


If you want to view other character scans just go to the Super Street Fighter 4 AE section on Eventhubs, go to the character you want, look for the Additional Content section and you’ll see the Hitboxes Information for that character :slight_smile: