Jump in attack > Ultra?

Jesus, im no scrub by any means but am i the only one who missed this?

How many characters can do this?

The last couple of days ive been hit by cammy’s j.hk>ultra and rufus’ j.hp>ultra.

Completely retarded. Or does it just seem that way to a honda player?

To me, this is worse than the 1000’s of ways rufus and sagat can land their ultra.


My thought is:


ehh its really risky since you cant hit confirm it and usually doesn’t work.

C. Viper.
j.hk, Ultra.

You can hit confirm it. Just buffer the quarter circle motions and press three buttons if you hit. If you don’t hit, just block or grab or something. Works better if you don’t have a special that coincides with the motions of your Ultra, like C. Viper. You can’t really do this if you have a full super meter though, you’ll get a super if you press a button. There’s no reason C. Viper should have a full super meter though. Then again, you could press a kick or whatever isn’t your super and ultra button…hmm.

viper can i think with mk or hk.

Honda can do it too.

Yeah I’m not sure which characters can do it, but I know there’s a few that can as long as the j.HK is deep enough.

I think pretty much everyone except Gief and maybe Vega can do it.

Theres been threads on this before, basically the fact that in high level play getting a free jump in is VERY rare should make this not that useful, but yes the hit stun from some heavy attacks like ken jumping r.h or sagat jumping r.h or h.p . even ryu , If you hit deep enough you can immediately do ultra but IMO its not great.

…and what if I tell you those 2 can also do it? In fact I think that most non charge characters can

Cammy can do it with her excellent rh. And I’ve gotten away with it a few times, but as others said, jumping in is not a good idea always, unless it’s predicting over a fireball and then they eat big damage…

yeah its not really i viable tournament move as free jumpins would almost never occur. But still, i could understand if it was an oversight with the frame data and only a few got it but so many chars can do this.

Sagat being able to do it is just messed up!

Edit: Seems to be every non charge character but abel and ken can do it. I think abel’s startup frames are too big and ken’s i can’t seem to get off for some reason.

Ken can do it.
He can do it off a deep j.hk or air ex tatsu.

Sakura can do it, but you have to hit really deep with her j.hk

Chun Li can do it off a jump in target combo, but I don’t think it’s worth trying, you can easily be too late for it to combo and then your stuffed.

I’ve a hard time believing Honda can do it.

no chance honda can do it, i think i would cream if it were true tho!

Charge characters can do it but only when they have their back against the corner. That’s the only way to store enough charge.

Honda can do it. Example:

Back to the corner vs. balrog. balrog goes for dash punch chip, you jump backwards over it. You come down on him DEEP with a j.RH, then do an ultra.

I didn’t say it was useful, but he can still do it lol.

Guile can do it, but the situational usage of it is rather funny.

Most practical way to land it is to jump at an akuma, hope that he does his AA ultra too early, charge during the ultra freeze, j.hk > ultra.

A.I. Chun Li did this to me. She did neutral jump RH into Ultra. I was like WTF NO CHARGE!?!?!?!?!

It’s just, as far as I know, the jump in has to be very deep. If you can’t AA the jump in before it gets THAT deep, then you pretty much deserve Ultra to the face.

It’s not worse than the many ways that Rufus can land his ultra, because the majority of the cast can do deep jump in fierce or roundhouse, Ultra.