Jump in attack > Ultra?

j.fierce works too i believe.

Abel and El Fuerte cant

bison can do it jumping forward/neutral jump, at least in theory. The timing is impractically strict though, it’s 1-2 frames to hit the entire ultra motion.

the other charge chars can probably do it too, but I bet they run into the same timing restrictions.

ryu, sagat, ken can do it to. i’ve actually got hit by that several times by buttonmashers when i wanted to antiair.

Im thinking that the only people who cant do it are Akuma, Elf, Gief (because their Ultras are grabs) Abel (he dashes forward first) and Vega (*maybe * he can if his back is to the wall).

Now im curious so im gonna test when i get home.

You can do it off j. mk too. :looney:

Ruf’s jumpin-Ultra doesn’t actually have to be too deep, I think. Though I’m not reactive enough to be able to do it outside of practice mode, it seems that it doesn’t even have to be deep enough to reliably connect the HP-HP Tornado combo.

I believe every character has a j.normal that will stuff that Ultra. Same is true with Blanka’s Ultra.

Edit: Wait…are you referring to j.normal INTO an Ultra or a j.normal STUFFING your normal???

I know Fei Long can j.RH into ultra

Rufus can actually do divekick into ultra.


My bad. I thought he meant his Ultra being stuffed by j.normal. Moved back. :blush:

I thought this was just a lag tactic. I was led to believe that only Dan could do it.

I didn’t know this was something new O_o

Vega can’t because he has to have a DB charge for Ultra.

Can Sim do it?

I have done it a couple of times with Sagat but it has to be a super deep roundhouse to do it.

Go go looking at Frame Data?

El Fuerte will just wait for somebody else to try and do this >X). ka-grabbed

Although, his super does connect off jumpins (actually an easy connect if you’re given the chance).

Believe it or not, Sim can do this too:

J.b.hk (late) straight into Ultra.