Jump in C.mk shoryuken

What is the most practical way to input this?
Jump in and hold forward with the attack and then move to down, hit mk, and df p?
Just jump in, press c.mk, let the stick go to neutral, then srk?

I go with Down.MK to SRK. It really is preference though, just check out which one feels more naturally to you. I don’t think doing it one way or the other will affect your game. What game btw?

Well I always had problems with it in older games like Street Fighter Alpha or 2, but sometimes I like to play Denjin Ryu on third strike, so when I try to do the shoryuken set up, sometimes I can jump in and land a hit which can go into a c.mk to shoryuken to denjin. Extremely hard to do sometimes as the super will just come out -_-

jump in attack, :df::mk:, :d::df::3p:

I do :f:,:d:+:mk:, :df:+:p:

This is what I do for 3rd Strike, anyway. I have some memories of being able to do this in other SF games too, but don’t take my word for it since my memory gets fuzzy around there. haha