Jump-In\Cross-ups vs. DP's

I’ve been running into this problem against Sagat’s lately. If I’m using Abel and I manage to jump-in without being AA’d they block my medium kick and I would start a blockstring. But now after blocking my jumping medium kick I get a reversal tiger uppercut in my face before I can hit a c.lk.

There’s this one guy I play alot who also uses sagat who i can’t crossup. After knocking him down (with Abel) I start my usual shenanigans and before my jumping medium kick even lands BAM! I know there are safe jumps so this must be a timing problem on my part. Can’t tell if I doing it too early or too late. Even when I switch up the timing the best I’ll get is one of those resets when you can tell they tried to do something but it didn’t work.

So the problems I think it could be with the regular jump-ins:

  1. Me hitting medium kick too early. Sagat is tall making his hitbox larger so maybe he has time to recover beofre my c.lk comes out.
  2. Jump-in medium kick -> c.lk not being a true block string or at least not one that works on sagat.
  3. I’m online. :rofl:

With the cross-ups i have no idea what i’m dong wrong.

Have you tried mixing up with option select throw with your jump ins? You could punish those reversal uppercuts and make him stop doing it so you can cross him up again

you can’t cross up dps chars like sagat, ryu …etc en wake up because autocorrect dp hit you every time if he go for it
but you can be tricky and do empty jumps intro option select(late throw) or you can try mix up the timing of your jump…but every cross up in this game can be stuffed be a srk

I’m not too sure how option selects work. I’ve changed the timing and etc but its strange to me that no one was DP’ing for all of these months and now all of a sudden they are. Its not like cross-ups are new. There goes half of my mixups with abel. So is that the rule? DP characters technically can’t be crossed up?

They can but the majority of online players tend to DP on wake up, which kinda makes crossing up moot. You’ll just have to adjust to their playstyles and do safe jumps then punish.

  1. This is correct, although it’s not really a fault of yours. It takes most people a while to notice this. Sagat is actually even tall enough to focus your jump in, release and hit you before you hit the ground. Trying to hit him deeper does help.

  2. Looks like c.lk starts up in 5 frames. Pretty sure you need a 3 frame jab or to actively try and get deep jumpins to get a true block string off a jump in.

  3. Nah…Sagat just has a goofy hitbox.

About the dps vs. crossups. It’s not really that you can’t cross up someone that knows how to auto-correct dp, but you do have to make them think about it. If every jump or almost every jump is a crossup and not safe, they don’t really have to think. They see you jump, then get ready to auto-correct. If you mix it up, with safe falls(safe jump, but you don’t press anything), cross ups, empty jumps…now everytime you jump, he’ll have to guess/anticipate/decide what you’re gonna do an react accordingly. It makes it a lot more difficult.

You get uppercutted after the jump-in attack is blocked? If you see that in an opponent, just try to bait it. Jump in, let your opponent block, then sit back and block/option select tech. If you guessed right, his uppercut will fly into the air and you’ll get a free tornado throw, or whatever it is you Abel players are into these days.

Are you saying that cross-ups on opponents waking up isn’t safe? That the only safe jump is one where you don’t press a button. Oh and you were right about the c.lk. i think it has to be under 4 frames to be a true blockstring. thanks

We like C.HP into resets. Much more stylish.

People have given you ways to deal with eating DP after the jump-in/cross-up, but I don’t think anyone has really given an explanation as to why this happens. I’m no expert, but I’ll give it a shot:

Abel’s j.forward makes 11 frames of blockstun. That means from the moment it gets blocked, you have 11 frames in order to land and hit your c.whatever – if you can hit it within that 11 frames, your shit is air-tight. If, on the other hand, it takes longer than that 11 frames for you to land and hit your c.whatever, you can be DP’d out of your c.whatever. By that logic, you generally want to hit your jump-in/cross-up as late as possible (while still being safe about it!) so that you can land and execute your next move as quickly as possible.

I think thats how it works, anyways.

yeah you can’t cross up sagat if he go for autocorrect dp hit you every time
but you can do a empty jump intro option select defensive tech.
if he smash dp after a jumping move the most of the time is safe because no scrubs players do that when have focus and force you to play in a guessing game after the dash(dp again, throw, jump, or ultra) i think abel can comand grab him before sagat do other shit but other chars aren’t so lucky
the best way is do some safe/tricky move…i play c.viper i know when sagat block a j:hk on the top he can dp me if i do some normal move ::but i do a ex seismo on the top and dp miss all time and i punish him after that

wait so is there such a thing as safe jump-ins for chars with DP?? and what i mean by safe jump in is u jump in opponent either takes the hit (u continue with whatever), or he blocks and u do some block string or tick throw, or u land and have time to block anything he throws at u

yeah you can jump in and have time to block, you just jump earlier after you knock him down. If your playing a dp character most will realize your trying to get them to do a dp on wakeup when they shouldnt. This isnt a problem online where 99.9% of ryus will throw a srk on wakeup every time, but irl players know your trying to get a whiffed dp out of them.

Safe jumping is possible against sagat, but is not possible against ryu/akuma. This is due to ryu/akuma having 3frame startup on DPs as opposed to sagat’s which has 5 frame startup.

Not all crossups can be beaten by DPs. I know that for a fact. Abel’s crossup MK sucks, though. Watch some abel vids, thats not what people use to mix up most of the time.

hmmm i see, well what would someone do irl if i attempted a safe jump-in then?? also due to my lack of skill i may try a safe jump in and it would literally just whiff the person and then im kinda forced on the defence. so how would i pracitse a safe jump in??

Yeah, crossing up in the air is really not how things need to go with Abel most of the time, especially on wakeup attacks.

So how do they autocorrect the DP? Do they just time the dp a frame later than reversal or something?

The window for inputting buttons after directional commands is really long in this game.