Jump-in option select & how/when to jump in on ryu & sagat

===Jump-in option select===

This method can be used after scoring a knockdown on teleporting characters (bison, dhalsim, seth). Basically, you perform a jumping attack as your opponent is rising, and if he teleports or does a backdash, you will land a hk.tatsu instead of whiffing your jump-in combo.

Here’s the inputs, also shown in the video:

j.HP~QCB+HK (immediately after the j.hp), c.hp xx lk.tatsu, c.lk xx shouken.

If you land the j.HP, you will not perform the hk.tatsu.
If your opponent teleports or backdashes, you should land a hk.tatsu.

There’s obviously several inputs you can use, but these are the ones I used in the video. However, this might not work 100% of the time. If your opponent performs some invincibility ex move or you botch the QCB+HK, you might throw out an otoshi instead of the tatsu.

If you dont feel comfortable doing this, a cross-up j.lk seems to work well most of the time, especially on ryu and sagat as i show in my next video.

===Jumping in on Ryu & Sagat===

Some of you may have seen this in the Q&A thread, but I feel like it deserves its own thread. All you need to do is score a knockdown with a hp.shouken, then immediately take a small step forward and cross-up with a j.lk. If they do a quick stand-up & attempt a reversal shoryuken/tiger uppercut, you will either stuff it or they will whiff completely. As with the option select, this doesnt work 100% of the time because the timing is tricky. If you timed it just right, you will stuff their reversal DP and you can still combo into the j.lk or it will reset them in the air. After doing this 2 or 3 times, I will take an even smaller step forward after the knockdown and do a j.HP, most of the time they will expect me to cross over with j.lk so they’ll be blocking the wrong way :smokin:

That’s all for now guys, I hope to share more videos and knowledge with you guys soon. Comments and Criticism is highly appreciated!

I wish I’d read this last night, I was fighting unconkables bison and he’d teleport out of any shenanigans I tried… Oh well, something new to practice for next time, thanks!

I get the Option Select Shunpu, it’s pretty sweet and I’ll definatly be stealing that LOL.

However, I don’t get WHY deep j.HP stuffs (lp) Dragon Punch. I’m kind of hesitant to use somthing I don’t understand, lest I get the circumstances wrong and eat an Ultra. So I’d appriciate it if you broke down the science to me because it just doesn’t sit right with me that I can jump in on what should be an invincible reversal.

the j.HP doesnt stuff the dragon punch. It’s used as a mix-up after doing the cross-up j.lk that stuff’s their DP. After you cross them up a couple times, they might expect another one and will be blocking the wrong way (game of chance here).

Alright, so it’s a crossover mixup. I just misread the origional post. Makes a lot more sense now, thanks.

good shit

Just noticed i posted the wrong video under Jumping in on Ryu & Sagat. Sorry about that!

Here’s the right one: [media=youtube]VlUiAgO1dWQ[/media]
Also fixed in 1st post

Good Stuff!

Can you use that as a safe jump?

You can definitely use it as a safe jump. Just dont walk foward after the knockdown, and dont make an attack in the air. After you land, prepare to tech a throw because they will usually throw if they dont SRK

Why are you using option select hurricane instead of ex dp?

hk tatsu moves farther across the screen doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be a waste of meter to use ex shou on someone who’s teleporting away and only the very last hit is (maybe) going to connect?

can i ask how you set up the bison like that in training? how come he sometimes tps and sometimes doesnt?

option select ex.dp sounds like a good idea against non-teleporting chars. It might be a waste on teleporting characters as you will probably only land one or two small hits.

First i picked bison as my character, and chose sakura as the dummy. I recorded the inputs with sakura before recording, and it was just on ‘playback’ during the whole video. So I was controlling mison each time while sakura was on ‘playback’

[media=youtube]IM1DdAGngVI&feature=related[/media] The spacing in this video isn’t right though. Go to training mode and set Sakura to knock you down, then aim for your back on wakeup. j.Fierce stuffs jab.Shoryu where strong/fierce.Shoryu whiff completely and allow for punish.

I asked it in the vid, but I’ll ask it here too.

About stuffing SRKs. What the fuck are you supposed to do if said character actually uses mp instead of lp?

…Did you read the post directly above yours? =\ If you aim for Ryu’s back his Strong or Fierce Shoryu will whiff completely allowing ample time to punish.

i really didnt, because I actually eat mp srks.

So it sounds like my spacing is actually horribly off. Thanks for telling me it DOES actually wiff though.

crossup.j.Fierce is something to be practiced =) Set the dummy to Sakura while you – yourself play Ryu. Get her to throw you forwards, and aim for your back with j.Fierce. Record this and try to reversal her to see if you can get the distance =) If you want I can post a video of this~

I used the crossup to beat some DPs at a tourney this weekend :tup:. Couldn’t establish the mixup to get jumping fierce to happen enough though :tdown:.

I appreciate it, and get the picture without a vid, but post it anyway

Look at it like this, even if I think I got it, I guarentee somebody’ll come along later down the road asking the same question. That’s just how the webs work.

I do thank you for the response though. I never really look for j.hp unless it’s a guarenteed jumpin. shrug New stuff for the bag.