Jump in tactics for akuma



As the topic says,what are your jump in tactics?.I personally try to go for j.HK…but as of lately,this has been snubbed by other moves or just whiff’s completely when I try to get in.I want to know what do other akumas like doing,and what are some of his highest priority moves to jump in with?:sweat:


i usually try an attack or sometimes no attack at all


I sometimes do the spinny move.


lol spinny move? as in air tatsu?


I feel that trollin guys.

Try experimenting with crossup tatsu and jmp.hk.
Mix it up man!

Also, see the vortex thread.


why jump in when you can jump back air hado? all pro akumas jump back and air hado. i do it all day everyday. its very efective acording to the japanese.


Character dependent. But my favorite is j. LP. Sooooo sneaky…


You know that “japs” is a derogatory term towards Japanese people, right?

j.LK is the best jump-in that isn’t super obvious to use, there are many ambiguous setups attached to it.



also j.lk often crosses up so its a great option for mixup oportunities


It all depends on my mood for me. Generally though I like over shooting the demon flip palm, or ex’ing the demon flip if I want to get in there quick. Air tastu is up there too, and if i’m in a Balrog mind set it’s J.HK.


Demon flip on wake up.


I use demon flip mix ups when im above them then palm and punish wiff shoryu


Depends on the situation.

I typically lead my air-to-air attacks with j.hp

Jump-ins on corner knock-downs I lead with c.lk for that ambiguous cross-up.

I cross-up tatsu quite a lot.

I rarely use j.hk as its rather shit.

I also actually use d.mk. Its a great tactic to throw people’s timing or reading game off plus if I perform it as people are trying to meet me in the air, I land long before them and can launch into a mix-up or capitalise on their confusion.




Err, you use d+mk but not jumping roundhouse? Whatever you say mang.



Note that I didn’t say ‘instead.’ Most instances that are ripe for the j.hk I’ll usually substitute with j.hp. j.hk I usually only use if my spacing is correct so I can then launch into fs.hk though j.hp is my main aerial combo starter or jump in attack.


I’ve always wondered. How good/bad is jf.mk in comparison to other jump in attacks like HP, HK and LK? I almost always use jf.lk but I’m thinking about using HK and HP. I just don’t know why I would use it and when.


From my experience jf.hk is good for longer ranges and jump back fierce is good as an escape.
You can trick people with jf.mk as if you were going for the crossup if you mix it up right.
jf.lk is ambiguous as it can land on both sides wherever you may hit.

I hope this helps you out.


Cool thanks. So are you suggesting that mk is only good for faking a crossup? Otherwise, just use HK or LK?

What about HP?


With fierce, I meant HP. So it’s good for anticipating bisons headpress or when people wanna jump after you.
As Gamogo stated, you can also use HP for jumping in but it’ll all comes down to taste.
MK is just a solid option, you don’t want to get too deep into jumping in selection.
Just remember that LK is ambigious, MK is solid and HK is for the properly spaced longe ranged jumps.
I never use HP as an offensive tool so I don’t have any advice on using it offensively.