jump in



I’m having trouble with people jumping in over and over again. On wakeup someone will jump in and ill block and they will keep punching and then keep doing cross ups on me over and over again. I’ll try to dash out right before they jump and do a cross up and I’m not exactly sure what I should do when that happens.

Also, I know rog’s best anti-air is fierce but what about when you’re both in air going towards eachother, what is his best in-air? I think I’ve seen people use jab and then they will dash on the other side of them while they’re still in air. Thanks


Best air to air is also fierce. jumping roundhouse is also good but fierce is better.

When you’re constantly being crossed up do jump back fierce or an early c.HP if you have the time for it.

Or you could hold tap and release to escape or even dash straight, also to escape.


If you can anticipate a cross up well, dash forward. It’s what I do against most people who keep cross-up’ing me and it works a treat, they don’t usually expect it. If all else fails EX Headbutt is sick, if not that then an EX Dash Straight I guess, but I don’t really use that.

For the in-air j.hp is the best IMO. It’s sick when jumping back too, so make sure you use it well :slight_smile:


As a balrog player your rule of thumb should always be do not get knocked down. If you do your best option is to know your opponent / character you are playing against. The best option is to block however depending on what your opponent is doing you could get out or even punish the opponent depending on what they do.

For EX if you play against a ryu and you notice that they tend to cross up tatsu a lot on wake up, react with U1 for auto correct ultra. If you read the timing correctly on jumps you can do ex dash straight or upper depending on the character and the situation.