Jump-inKnees c.lk XX PPP/KKK wich one is harder to punish/more usefull?

hi there would be intrested wath you think here are my findings^^

-much better pushback and longer movement allow better backwardmovement at all
-can varie betwean 1/2 chipdamages and then move back
-more damage
-recovery is longer
-hughe invul parts can even try to hit the opponents punish while moving backward /forward (you need to time it betwean the blockhits

-only 2spinns confuse the enemy he may wait for the 3. to punish and you can throw him instead while moving forward
-less pushback totaly unsave if you chip twice
-less damage
-recovers faster on block

after all it seems the longer PPP is saver on block (they are both NOT SAVE of cours) but the PPP moves you out of the reach quite well so you most likeli only earn 100 dmg while the KKK leaves you open for a groundcombo around 230 dmg

imhp the KKK should only used to confuse the enemy and the PPP should be mainly used while you should vary in chipping ONCE or TWICE and then movebackward or even try the hughe pushback to catch the enemy with the 3. chip

PLEASE no discuissiions about savety of the lariat its 100% sure that he is UNSAVE lets diskuss if the PPP is overall better on block than the KKK or not and why and of course it will be used since it is the best followup after jumpinknees^^

the pushback and further movement of the PPP is quite usefull i think the faster recovery of the KKK is still to HIGH to becouse he is still to close instead of the PPP

im realy intrested wich one you use for the jumpinknee flowup if you do not go for a throw^^

I do cr. jabs. I think they can throw you after your knees if you lariat. I’m pretty sure I never jumpin knee into lariat. I fact, I don’t think I do jump in lariats period… maybe I should start…

I dunno, I tend to go into crouching jab after knees, then once I have someone conditioned to block that I switch to 360throws after knees, but that not what you asked;

Switch back and forth between the two; a good player will just adapt if you stick with one or the other of them; since neither one is hard to punish if you know which one to expect, even if they dont know which one to expect they are pretty easy to punish, but you dont want to talk about that for some reason…

Personally Im more likely to body splash to lariat than knees to lariat, but Im pretty sure they both work.

hands dont beat jumps it actualy loos since they dont combo and are not fast enugh after knees to keep the player groundet knees c.lk ppp/kkk beat this with knees (with splash hands are of course the better option but after knees they are not^^ since you can press lk.lp simultanious you althou tech your enemy if he try to throw you after the knees…

I would mix those two up to confuse the opponent.

this is not the anser regards the question…

This is the least intelligible post you have made in this thread; and considering your other posts; thats saying something.

I Think Maybe you need to clarify what on earth you are talking about because; after reading your responses I suspect it has been completely mis-interpreted, but can think of no other meaning.
No one said anything about “Hands” which I am currently assuming is a reference to banishing flat, AKA Green Hand.
Demonblanka’s response is an answer to your question, A very good answer in my opinion but its the same one I gave you so it is only natural that I would agree with it.

i dont ask if i need to mix it up damen thats totaly true but its totaly useless post everybody know you need to mix it up. thats like im telling you “to win you need to make damage!”…

if asked wich on is saver not if i should mix them up…

your post hafe nothing to do with my question; if you want discuss about mix something up instead of answer a streight question (and i doubt you know the answer) go to a scrub forum where anybody need the informaion that mix something up is usefull…

reaper - What is it other than a answer? :confused:
gandalfrockman - Thanks for correcting.

Our posts are answers to your question; I am going to rephrase this whole conversation The way it looks so far to me; and maybe you will understand my confusion.

reaper2507: What is safer from jump in Knees KKK/PPP? (you asking your original question)
Crapface: I dont use that combo…Maybe I should try it. (Crapface expressing an intrest in this tactic)
Gandalfrockman: Using either one is equally unsafe in this context, mixing them up is Much safer, but I Prefer a different setup entirely. (me providing a direct answer to your question , explaining the reasoning behind it, and then suggesting an alternative setup)
reaper2507: Banishing flat loses to jump ins. (You making a comment that has nothing to do with anything in this thread at all and really does not make ANY sense)
**Demonblanka: **both are equally unsafe if you only use one of them I would mix the two of them up. thats whats safest. (demonblanka providing a simple direct answer to your question)
**reaper2507: **Thats not what I asked. (you telling a baldface lie)
gandalfrockman: ummm yes it is, it is a fairly straight forward answer too; maybe we dont understand the question as you posed it, Could you maybe rephrase it in a different way? (me being confused by your last two responses and requesting clarification)
reaper2507: NONE OF YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT!!! YOUR ALL SCRUBS!!! GO AWAY!!! (you being a tremendous jackass)
**demonblanka:**I am confused too… (demonblanka expressing a similar sentiment of bewilderment)

Why do I get the feeling there is an language barrier here…

Excellent set up Grand.

I actually “jumping Knees and Lariat.”

Depending on the Opponent if I don’t body splash I’ll knee drop > c.lk > PPP mostly because I focus on the finger tips when I slam onto the arcade stick. I like how it knocks them back which I can follow with EX Green Hand and then BnB.

I understand that Reaper is trying to translate into English from I believe maybe German. I just hope he is able to understand better than he can express. Still

Grand’s set up was excellent interpretation.

PS- I do this “jumping knees into lariat” as a “barbarian cross up” in case this was a case of just doing it as a jump in. Which I do not do unless there is input malfunction.

Thank you rice!
I use it on chun-li’s during wakeup all the time; They LOVE to go for that EX-Spinning bird kick, and a well timed meaty Knees->KKK will connect and hopefully make them think twice about it next time when I go for the crossover splash, or better yet empty jump into something scary.

His english is definitely better than my german. But hopefully he understands what we are trying to say now, I really hope we are understanding what hes trying to say too. That could be equally problematic.