Jump loop combo

Alright, I’ve tried all night to make Zero’s Jump loop work, and every time I try to land the M. before I land, the character rebounds.

Is it Hitstun? is there a specific way to lead into this combo that I’m not doing?

I’m simply doing L M H fH S M M H M and it drops every time.

My current team is Zero/Nova/Frank, and I sometimes have to rely on frank’s shopping cart to get in for the combo, so maybe the hitstun from that wearing down is whats dropping it?

Any help is useful, and thanks in advanced!

You have to do the delayed M so delayed they’re damn near on the ground. It’s not worth using anymore honestly. Too many variables and there’s alternatives.

Think so? I’ve tried having a pre charged buster and going for Air M, M, Buster, L Hyienkyaku, fH, but its Unreliable too. I need a good Mid screen Bnb that wont drop.

and an added question, do i really NEED and assist to end with H Raikousen, delay Buster shot, H Setsuizan, Rekkouha?

Well, your team setup doesn’t really provide that much for Zero honestly in terms of picking up a character midscreen but it’s super easy with Vergil.

And yes you really need an assist to do that ender.

If you absolutely need a placeholder until you get a better midscreen you can do

cr.:m: st.:h: :f::h: st.:s: j.:m: j.:m: j.:h: j.:m: Level 3 Buster -stuff- since jump loop is so weird now. Problem is, even if you did that it doesn’t carry all the way to the corner from the corner.

Thats the main problem I’m having though, The J M isn’t linking and they pop out before it starts up.

And I can swap Nova for Vergil, I just feel like Nova suited my playstyle and I wont get rided on for the “team trenchcoat” business.
I’ve already got Vergil’s BnB down.

The jump loop still works but you have to watch how many hits you get in before starting the loop cuz of hit stun deterioration. if you hit with frank west before starting your combo, then it won’t work because the assist does a lot of hts. what you can do is link a standing L after the :f: :h: and do another ground loop before sending them up in the air. What’s good about the link is that it helps move the character across the screen. After S you can do j MM into H. sensuitzan. that should send them close enough to the corner where you can do a self otg without having to worry about a follow up not reaching.

This seems pretty Legit. I’ve been pretty fond of the Shippuuga loop in Vanilla and If even 2 reps still work I’m alright with it. (Previously thought it was gone altogether, same with being able to M M Buster Raikousen in air still.)

as far as jump loops go, I also can’t get down S, j.D+H, j.H. The dH just pushes them down and the second H won’t connect.
I’ve switch up to Zero/Frank/Blank right now and I’m trying to find someone Who isn’t Doom to try and do the High/Low combo with. (Assist, S, H Raikousen, Buster, H Setsuizan.) but haven’t found anyone besides Dante (Whom I’m subpar with.)

Before hitting the j.2H hit 3/DF real quick. I had this problem at first a lot too and realized it was because I was hitting j.1H and moving away from the opponent with the new super-jump momentum shift thing.

That’s just it though, I do that and I either end up crossing under, or they fall too fast for j.H to connect after. all I was doing was c:m:, s:h:, f:h:, :s:, (df after super jump) d.j:h:, j:h: and it always always drops.

Not that it should make a difference but I actually just remembered I hit 4 / clean forward not 3/df before the 2H. Sounds like you might be doing the 2H a little early, you can pretty much wait until the apex of your jump before you input it (as soon as you start falling is usually when they will tech out if you don’t hit them). For what it’s worth you can also do j.2H > j.2H and the link to the S after that becomes even easier but that’s not where the problem you’re having lies anyway. I have noticed some inconsistencies with this combo on some characters (Tron especially), but for the most part it is consistent and I was doing this combo at the midnight release tourney I went to without much trouble.

I’ve never liked launching into a jump loop (sj.MMH M > j.MMH) anyway either. In vanilla it was the least damaging, most inconsistent, and most difficult (not really difficult but 2H > H and shippuga loop were easier) advanced combo that Zero had…there was literally no reason to use it. Jump loops on stray anti-air hits are fine before launching but launching into a jump loop is way too inconsistent for my tastes. I haven’t actually tested the damage yet in ultimate so maybe it’s better but I’m hitting ToD’s with 2x shippuga loop or 2H > H or Ryuenjin buster cancel combos anyway so I don’t see the need.

Edit: I actually just did some testing and was very surprised by my findings. The jump loop is actually the most damaging combo now (that we know of) if done properly. LMH f+H S MMH M j.MMH j.M Buster, L-Raikousen (add c.H here only in corner) S MMHS > combo ender.

In order of damage now it goes:

  1. Jump loop
  2. Ryuenjin cancel combo / j.2H > j.H combo tie
  3. Shippuga loop

Meter built goes

  1. Jump loop / Ryuenjin cancel combo tie
  2. j.2H > j.H combo
  3. Shippuga loop

best corner carry is:

  1. Ryuenjin cancel combo
  2. Jump loop
  3. Shippuga loop
  4. j.2H > j.H combo

RIP Shippuga loop I guess.

Speak more on this Ryuejin Cancel Combo, It was my fav in Tatsunoko but I haven’t figured it out in UMVC3 yet.

Is it still L, M, H, fH, H Ryuenjinxx Buster, L Hyienkyaku, Launch, ect ect… ?

Or since you said it builds the most meter(ish) and that its NOT the jump loop, what would you do differently?

c.:m: :h: :f:+:h: c.:l: c.:m: :h: :f:+:h: :dp::h: xx Buster :dp::l: [very short dash forward] j.:m::m::h: land :h: :f:+:h: (3 hits in corner, otherwise 1 hit) :s: j.:m::m::h::s: > whatever combo extension works for your team.


That’s a great combo, will it work with any other assists aside from missiles or Jam session?

There are similar ways to extend combos using a lot of assists…Vergil’s rapid slash, Strange’s EoA, Chun’s legs…just gotta find what works with your assists.