Jump partition?

I saw in the RX wanted vids that RX does a jump in the air after he does a tackle and cancels to aegis on chars like necro or alex or just anybody that the whiff RH tackle doesn’t work on. It seems like he jumps in the air, lands, dashes and then knee drops. How do you do that (jump and then dash partition knee drop)?

what blocked j.RH?

The jump doesn’t matter. He’s saying you can jump, j.rh, and as soon as you land, headbutt. The jump has nothing to do with it, just do a normal charge partition, but rather that crouching, then dashing and headbutting, you jump and charge the down in mid-air.

There’s no jumping roundhouse anywhere in this situation, and was thrown in cause someone didn’t read the original question properly.

To practice this setup, jump, hold down while jumping, dash, hold down while dashing, then headbutt. You’re doing what has been previously mentioned in just about every partition thread, and in some of this one – splitting the charge, or “partitioning.” The most difficult part of it is a) knowing which character it works on, and b) timing the jump so that you have the character fall straight down instead of over/under you. The timing on the actual partition is very simple and straight forward, since you don’t have to free-time anything.

I spent a fair amount of time practicing the jump/dash partition specifically for this setup, and while I can do it 95%, the timing on when to jump is what will give you the most problems. I suggest practicing the partition part first though, since it’s very frustrating when you get the jump timing down and fuck up the rest :tup:

I wait for the aegis to hit, then jump as it connects. I find it helps with spacing so they don’t fly over you or whatever.

Other than that, it’s easy… jump, charge down when you jump, when you land do a dash, charge down right after you dash, kneedrop.

Then you can work on sticking in a d.LP after the dash.

I’ve been able to do dash headbutt and dash tackle on the midscreens so far so i guess it won’t be as hard. And why does everyone keep saying headbutt?..I’m talking about the kneedrop :sad: