Jump Superstars roster

Okay, I know this game isn’t a real fighter for the hardcore fans, but it’s a SSBM type kind of game, so it nearly fits the bill.

So, after that being said, has anyone else noticed the the huge roster for this game?

Dio Brando.

This shit is over.

Co-sign, dropping steamrollers(ROAD ROLLER DA!!!) + tokiyo tomare + throwing Egyptian knives = teh win.

And Polnareff, Abdul, and Joseph are in the game too. :party:


I still can’t believe that Aya and the rest of the Ichigo 100% girls are in this game. Not that I’m complaining or anything.

Indeed. Feel teh rage of ordinary human schoolgirls!!!11! (Well, Satsuki’s rage might actually do some decent property damage if nothing else…)

Granted, not sure how effective that would be against shinigami (where the fuck are Renji and Urahara?!) or saiya-jin…

Whatever, this game is a digital acid trip, and that’s why it will own.

EDIT: Upon further consideration, Satsuki is a wildcard. Kamehameha < knee to the groin. I don’t care what your numeric power level is, that shit just wins. La Pucelle proved that.

Yay for Death Note characters.

WTF…bleach characters are in it too?

Well I’ll be…

Bloody idiots. All of the names are in Westernized order, except for Luffy. It should be Luffy D. Monkey if they followed their own damn conventions.

Oh well, at least I get Gon. I say he and Allen Walker get top-tier.

The One Piece names don’t follow conventions. Even 4kids call him Monkey D. Luffy. Where they’d have fucked up is the Dragon Ball names.

The real issue at hand though is I need as DS. :frowning:

Not every one of those characters are playable. Some of them are support characters. For example they just come in and do one move like the helpers in MVC1, or like Strikers in KOF 2000. Sagara Sanosuke and Saito Hajime are mot playable, the entire Prince of Tennis team is not playable, the list goes on and on. However last time I checked at last 29 of the characters are playable so it’s hard to complain about that.

Props for having Yami Yugi in it.

Where’d you find the list of who’s playable and who isn’t? I’d like to check that out… Sucks you can’t play as Saitou. :sad:

I got it from Gamefaqs. In about the twenty somethingish post on this page I posted who’s playable and unplayable.


And just in case you missed it, check here for a scanlation of the Jump Superstars Manga.


No Mihawk!!!:crybaby:

Is that the final list of who is going to be in the game?

No it’s not final, there’s supposed to be more additions. IGN’s list is more up to date then mine when it comes to characters and they don’t have them all yet. The grand total is supposed to be 150 characters. But not all of them will be playable though.

My ultimate 3 man team would have been Vegita/Aoshi/Gaara, for Team Anti-Hero. Too bad Aoshi and Gaara aren’t in it… :frowning:

Kenshin, Neiji and Kujo. The world will end.

Slam Dunk characters? Holy fucking shit…

Hanamichi/Fuji Shusuke


I pre-ordered this game from Lik-sang, and its being shipped early at NCSX and play-asia. :frowning:

I’m excited though, Jojo’s characters should be dope. (I hope the game is good, haha)

I saw though that one way of unlocking characters is tracing some outlines that came in the Japanese Shonen Jump mag. I think that’s kinda cool.