Jump Ultimate Stars

Wondering if anyone has this game? I know it’s quite hard to get as it’s exclusive to Japan, but I’ve got an English Translated one.

Good game. I don’t play it any more cuz my ex has my DS, but it was a fun game for sure.

Bleach DS 2nd has to be the best DS fighting game though.

Bleach Dark Souls? Yeh, I’ve completed that game to it’s fullest. Too bad the characters were limited, it would’ve been nice to play the Espada and Arrancar. If only the home consoles would decide to make them a possibility.

I’m not sure 100%, was it the second fighting one? All I know is it was called Bleach DS 2nd in Japan when I downloaded the ROM before it was brought to US/EU.

I never watched Bleach so I don’t know about the characters, but I liked the selection they had. A console sequel would be most welcome by me.

As for JUS, I wish they had some more Jojo and HnK characters, I want Rei and ???, name escapes me, the dude from Jojo with the gun.

must’ve been. And I can’t remember much of Jojo, though they could’ve made most characters from every series playable other than just 1 playable and the rest supports. One of my favourites was Hitman Reborn! I wish more characters from that series were playable, like Yamamoto or Goku, (not the DBZ one). Still, battle system was nice and it did feel satisfying, a sequel of that on a home console would be greatly appreciated.

Was the US version of Bleach DS 2nd different from the JPN version? I never played the US version, but I know the US version of Bleach DS 1 was rebalanced.

I had the european versions, but didn’t play the first one much. I think the first one might’ve been rebalanced, as it played fairly well and really similar to the 2nd one.