Jump Ultimate Stars

Anyone got this? hit me up on aim for a game.

Okay this games been out long enough that:

Games tonight people i sent PMs out, i wanna play those that i havnt played yet.

Weve got 4 confirmed people so far. I expect to see more!

check your pms

Alot of people now! Thanks for the great responce. I look foward to the matches tonight.
We have so many people that we will have to people hosting so everyone should get to play each other.

Try Around 9ish/10ish. For those of u who dont have aim ill pm

Yo I wanna get in… But I need a time schedule. I’m on the other side of the globe! I need to learn how to play this game!

were playing at 9ish Eastern time. People will be joining in later due to work/ being not in same time zone.

My Friend Code is 4897-1783-9132

Post ur friend codes here i guess and If u need help with Wifi let me know

heres a image i found that should help


Ah, so this is where you’re hiding, Miyagi
My friend code is posted in my sig, and I’ll try and be on around 9-10:tup:

My friend code is


jus fc: 1246-4250-2771 ~

0258 6590 7811

lol were in add us. 2 games hosted btw

Lemme see if I can get this back on my DS

my fc: 0516-2532-0924

OOh we’ve got a new thread
btw my FC is 189071513409

Hey Guys, I’ve added all your numbers, but I don’t see anyone online that’
s available (unless I’m mistaken).
Sorry I logged on late, I had to do some packing (I’m moving over seas this year).

we need to add you is probably what it means

I’ll add your code now

Click Me to Join Chat For Joining Game

I’m SO happy you still have your original signature:tup::rofl: