Jump Ultimate Stars

well plan worked, added all of you and thanks to the 20 or so people who responded to my PMs. even if you missed tonight u should add ur Friend code here. Also kinda sorta thanks to the random ass gamefaqs ppl…

We play about 2 times a week every night. If ur ever intrested hit me up on aim or pm me!

gg i so need to make more decks with variety…

didnt stay long but GGs earlier guys :slight_smile:

Well, I’m busy for the next two nights with work, so unless you want to do it really late, I’m out. Otherwise, I’ll be available Friday night.
Sorry I missed the game, guys! I really wanted some matches.
Anyways, I’ll post here if Im feeling like a match, otherwise, hope to see some of you Friday (or maybe later tonight).

gg’s to everyone I played last night. Next time we should try some 2v2 matches :slight_smile:

DFP Agent Redsix here. If anyone is feeling bold and wants to brave the ping to Japan, my friend code is 107459174845

Monkee! We need to make a 2 on 2 Team!

RAOH will stomp! Wait what is my friend code?!

3093 3750 9390

lets battle. ima add all you mofos so hopefully well get some matches in.

I’ll prolly be up for some matches tonight. Haven’t played this game in a lil while, i’m starting to have withdrawal symptoms lol :stuck_out_tongue:

same here… should we have another collaboration like a few weeks ago? that was too good. Too bad Coordly invited all the gamefaqs people… they were scrubs anf they took up space in games.

I should be getting my copy either today or tomorrow:wgrin:

LOL thats because there wasnt enough people at first but I’m down to get another session going as soon as I’m not busy.


there were enough people they came later just like i said they would.

How bout weekend After EvoEast?

ok, finally getting around to unlock everything

I’ve unlocked a stage from Crystal Boy of “Space Adventure Cobra”, but I can’t quite find the stage
I’ve read the guide, the path says astaroid, but the character actually reads “space” or “galaxy”

any clues?

Too broken but with this many character in one game… what could you expect… TRUNKS has to be the best helper ever!

IMO, Sena from Eyeshield 21 is the best koma. not only does he drain 2 sp from the opponent, he causes the stop effect and turns him/her facing the opposite direction. Trunks is cool and all when it comes to combo-breaking, but Sena can take the sp needed to call him out.

Damn I didn’t notice that he ganked to supers. That’s Fierce! But the online play of JUMP is weird…especially the “non-death deathmatches” Where people just sit there and taunt so that they can all get the points fpr first place… That shit is weak!

Those are my training matches, so to speak. It’s usually 3 people taunting, while I break it up and beat them one at a time. For the most part, I defeat them all, but on rare occasions, I’ll beat 1-2 of them due to a triple-team, and lose to the 2nd/3rd one. If you really want some comp., I’ll play you around mid-September, if you’re still playing it.

Just got this game. How long does it take to unlock everything? And what’s the best way to break all the walls in Seiya’s stage?

Cool, I’ll still be playing then…

Man redsix gave his save. So I don’t know… Can anyone else help this man out!