Jump-Up FP

I was playing around with this move a bit yesterday, and found it has some very interesting properties. Most notably:

  • It does a LOT of stun. I was doing 1/4 stun with one hit on Yun with this move.
  • It can cross up. Though, being a jump-up, they basically have to cross themselves up, lol.
  • It has decent priority. My favourite use for it so far is against MK and HK dive kicks, I’ll SJ and throw it on my way down.

What do you guys do with this move, if anything? Is there much utility here, or it just a gimmicky way to get stun?

its okay, but better use j.hk to combo to super or s.hp or something… and if youre talknig about jumping forward, better use hk

the stun is amazing tho =)

i like it a lot, i use it after a parried stomp on the way down (down+hp), or against those expecting jump straight up HK. i haven’t tried against dive kicks, thanks for the suggestion!!

By the way, for those who don’t know, jumping forward with HK isn’t always the best option. Try super jump MKs to shut down Akuma’s air game. Works wonders, MK is almost a one-button win against Akuma. :wink:

care to try that against my akuma kuprin :wgrin:

you should drop by OU arcade sometime… we still havent met