I started #S maybe a week ago, and I’ve seen computers short of do like a mini jump and pump me, it confuses me because im blocking while crouched, and this really gets on my nerves, so I’m asking how do I do it?

Hit Medium Punch and Medium Kick buttons at the same time. It’s referred to as a UOH (universal overhead).

you’re talking about a UOH aka leap attack.

you press strong (medium punch) + forward (medium kick)

ahh i see, thank you guy’s :smiley:

Those are good for a hit low mix up game. By the way, do UOHs beat throws?

you can’t throw an aerial opponent so yes

In some ways they could, UOH lifts you off the ground and you can’t be thrown when you’re airborne, so if you UOH before the throw, then it’ll beat it out.

UOH is also useful for beating low attacks.

reading the instruction manual can take you really far ya know lol

how high?

mopreme high

jesus christ…

well I guess we all start somewhere.

So… not pyrolee high?