Jumper for digital pad function

Hello evryone, i have a pcb that was taken from a hori TTT2 ps3. however the pcb that contains the home, select and the switchs dp,ls, rs is far. I was wondering how do I get the dp mode without this pcb that control this functions. because the pcb is automatically run in rs mode, that is impossible to play fgc games.
Image pic

hi guy. typically these ls dp rs functions operate on a simple spst switch. the switch shorts two pins from gnd to ls/rs/dp you would have to find which pin corresponds to the dp function and short it to ground.

I know, but I don’t know where the pinouts.

i don’t know either bro, that’s kind of a rare pcb you’re working with. here’s what i would do you in your situation…

solder a wire to the gnd of the pcb. connect the stick to a computer and pull up the joy.cpl and click on your stick. probe the gnd wire around the top second group of pinouts while moving around the joystick. when it is making contact with the right pin, you will get inputs in the POV section of the controller properties. this shouldnt be too dangerous to do, you may just short the pcb and cause it to restart

It’s the PCB from this.

So anyone who’s worked on one of these should know where the pinouts should be.

Replace with a brook and call it a day lol

I’ve worked on those, but most mods don’t deal with RS/LS/DP so that theory’s bunk.

What I would do:

  1. Get your meter, test the pins on cn3 and cn4 to see if there are any GND or VCC points. Write them down.
  2. Connect the GND pin to any other pin BESIDES VCC and see if that fixes it.
  3. ???
  4. Profit

There’s already something soldered onto cn4, I’m willing to bet that that may be the ground pin (if it’s not the pin for Home).

I DID!! thx so much guys.

Can you identify which particular pins you jumpered? For future reference.


Wow you jumpered all 4. Which pins are which?

I did it this way and it worked haha lol. all 4 pins had dp function.