Jumpers and mashers

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I play them a few times. If they start changing tactics then I keep playing them. If they keep mashing then I kick em. Gotta know how to deal with “bad” players, so I don’t automatically kick them…usually. If they’re showing obvious online only tactics then I just say fuck it and boot them immediately, haha…

I usually troll them haha, when I was online everyone on my list were serious players

if you are complaining about people who constantly jump in on you and are having trouble with that sort of tactic, then you clearly need to spend some more time on this website reading about how to play street fighter as well as watching streams/match videos. i’m not insulting you either, you just sound like a brand new player.

as for people who mash 100% of the time? just block. people that have that sort of playstyle are going to do damage to you, perhaps take a round off of you every once in a while. it’s inevitable. but there’s no reason to be losing mad games to people who mash 100% of the time if you understand how to play. i also think i should elaborate on the idea that mashing always equals poor play. it doesn’t, if you are letting people pressure you with block strings all day and not doing anything about it they aren’t going to respect you. this is why you see players like RF, Latif, Poongko (duh lol), Valle etc throw out random dragon punches. Obviously they aren’t bad players and obviously they don’t constantly mash dp but i hope you understand what i’m trying to say. too often i see players with a fundimental grasp of street fighter never throw out guesses because they think that type of play is poor, and it isn’t.

read the op post again
he isnt having trouble beating them

I didn’t write a very long paragraph. Maybe it didn’t reach his head yet. Give it some time and see what he replies with next.

IMO do masher not have a right to play and turn there game into something other than mashers. I have seen multiple posts referring to noobs and having to put up with them. I am not good at all, but always looking for someone to help me with my game, which I have yet to find anyone (but am not online for long so that may be why). How about this for a suggestion, if you run into a masher why don’t you change it up and either switch to something other than your main to give you some practice time or try something different with your main maybe you will find something in your game that you never tried.

Play keep away and troll them as much as possible. Those players can’t mash on you if they can’t touch you. They almost always leave after 1 loss.

Under the premise that you’re lobbied up with button mashers, I pretty much never kick 'em. It usually gives me a more… “open” range to practice some tactics.

I usually get a bit aggressive on the safe jump attempts (SRK!SRK!SRK!), so I usually don’t mind. I play Akuma right now, so I practice my DFK Palm whiffs when the situation arises.

And eventually, once you tire of them and give ‘em a proper kickin’ in gameplay - it usually results in them rage quitting after the 1st if not 2nd round. Nothing more entertaining than the muffled voice chat that goes (f*ck! So stupid! BLAh blah blah).

I stay even after 0-20 losses.

I got to respect people that play for that long after losses. Theres far too many players that quit after a couple of losses.

For jumpers or mashers, piss them off by maintaining your ground and waiting for their mistakes…or just chip them and let the clock run.

That’s fine, if your playing against someone who is simply a better player. I often stay for long periods of losses against tournament players I hardly get to play against. I just made this thread because I was wondering what other people do when they encounter players who just throw out random/predictable wake up specials all the time. For me, it gets kinda boring, teching walk-up/tick throws, waiting for them to bash their unsafe stuff out, then out with the punish. Sometimes, I wonder whether it’s worth my time staying in those kinds of lobbies. Yeah, so I was just after other people’s experiences and whether they stay or move on to better opponents.

How do you know if they are tournament players? Just cause they change their status thing? llololololololololol

Study their playstyle during the first round then release hell on em. Or you can simply play their own game.

What status thing?

I usually ask them, after getting my ass handed to me a certain way. I recognize some names too from Youtube footage etc. Points don’t really mean anything. A lot of people don’t bother playing ranked matches, because it doesn’t really prove anything.

Can a mod close this thread? There’s been a lot of replies - interesting and stupid. The stupid posts are the ones that don’t even bother to read what the thread is about. Is there a way to close the thread yourself?

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troll um

First thing, stop with the lobbies and play ranked matches. once you win a few matches and your rank goes up you will be matched with people who have passed the jumping and mashing stage. Just play “arcade mode” set it to accept game requests and put that you want same rank. Second, if you are so good, send them a message on how to improve there game, or as something as simple as “good game. check out shoryuken.com” and they can find out for themselves how to get better.

No one is going to help you if you’re going to be a fucking ass hole about things.