Jumpin Ship... For Street Fighter

I was looking for a game that I could go hard on and at first I was reluctant to pick up street fighter because I feel I am JOINING in REEEEEAAALLLLLY late in the game and I would have a LOOOOONNNG way to go … So I picked up VF5: Online cause I got it for $11 and soon realized that VF seems to be dying in the states … sigh I cn’t even get good practice because there aren’t enough people playing online for me to jump into an online game whenever I feel like it. I realize that playing against the computer ONLY gets you so far before you reach a Cap because there is no human thought process in your opponent.

I thnk that Tonight will be my first and last mini online tournament over at VirtuaFighter.com and I’m going to pick up this game … I see why no one want to continue with VF cause they have already come out with two more iterations in the arcades in Japan and nothing Here … Plus there is a way bigger community here and i dont think street fighter will EVER!! die.

Please give me some welcoming cause I feel like a Doucebag for Dropping VF so quick (3 weeeks)… lol I just dont feel that I sould waste my time on a Dying Game where I can’t get constant Human competition so i can get better…

as a noob I have played Street Fighter before now but i haven’t PLAYED! Street Fighter if you know what I mean … I am ready to start learning the ins and outs of the game so I can actually be someones Competition.

Plus the most fun I have had (just starting out) using my newly aquired Real Arcade PRO EX…

You’re so cool.

hes the cool3st!


o.O ???

Shoulda just moved to Japan like everyone on SRK does when they wanna practice VF. Most of us are posting from Tokyo.

Is posting from Glorious Nippon.

You must not make introduction threads to stand a chance…

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go to noob forum, noob.

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Cool Story, Bro.

You must blog this so you’ll a) have the satisfaction of having written it and b) no one will read/care about it.

Everyone wins!

Except you.

'09 v2.0

Awsome … Trollin… that always gets me off… thanks guys…

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My recommendation: jump ship…into the ocean.


true that friend. want to go to a street fighter arcade tonight? then we can eat sushi afterward, IN TOKYO! I’ll take the train after I finish reading manga comics

Can’t wait to kick you ass in SSFIV and F*ck ya Mom…

anyway I am gonna stop wasting my time with you guys and go spend my time on street fighter …

this thread is gold